MYVD – Chapter 10.3: New School Flower

Xu Yaoguang didn’t move until someone came up to practice in the art building.

Xu Yaoguang leaned on the piano side, elegant and casual, while looking brightly at the girl who pushed the door open: “Did anyone come up to practice at noon today?”

The girl was overwhelmed and couldn’t respond for a moment. 

Xiao Yaoguang repeated her question.

“The teacher didn’t arrange any practice at noon,” The girl gazed at Xu Yaoguang gently and cautiously, and stuttered, “But only Qin Yu plays the violin.”

Xu Yaoguang froze and made no response. He is handsome and gentle, it’s just that those eyes of his are cold and clear, making him out of reach. 

He went downstairs in silence and first turned to Qin Yu’s class to send her the milk tea. 

Qin Yu is not in the class at this time.

Xu Yaoguang narrowed his eyes thoughtfly. After a  moment of thought, he placed the milk tea directly on Qin Yu’s table.

The students in Class 1 were obviously used to him, but most eyes still were fixated on him.

Qiao Sheng was outside with his hands casually braced against the door frame and talking to the girls sitting in the first row.

Seeing Xu Yaoguang coming out, he lowered his hands and smiled, “Do you think it’s Qin Yu, who was in the instrument room?”

Xu Yaoguang stayed silent.


Class 9

Qin Ran was sitting on her seat.

She organized all her books and wrote her name on them. 

Her cheek rested on her right hand, while the slim fingers of her left hand held a pen on a piece of paper.

In this way, her side profile was outlined even more refined.

Almost everyone in the class was peeking at her.

Sitting beside her, Lin Siran managed to muster her courage after half a day and whispered, “Hello, Qin Ran, I’m Lin Siran, and I’m the class monitor. If you have any difficulties, you can come to me.”

Qin Ran looked at her deskmate, blinked  and smiled, but still retaining the look of someone who shouldn’t be messed with, “Hello.”

Lin Siran blushed and looked left and right. “Are you left-handed?”

“Something like that.” Qin Ran wrote sluggishly with her left hand, taking the time to write her characters.

“The math teacher has sent out examination papers in the morning, I have to submit them before class.” Lin Siran whispered.

Qin Ran pulled a stroke and handed a math exam paper, which she browsed up and down before stuffing into her desk.

She was in a better mood than she was a few days ago, not as cold and irritable as before.

She tilted her head, half-carrying those good-looking apricot eyes, holding her chin, and drawled. “Can I not submit?”

Lin Siran blushed. She immediately carried a bunch of papers, and ran to the office.

Qin Ran opened a book, crossed her legs, and lazily scrawled her own name.

There are too many people in the classroom spying at Qin Ran from time to time, even more than in the morning.

There were also boys from the outside dangling by the entrance of Class Nine, peeking into the room.

Qin Ran was used to this kind of scrutiny so she ignored them. She sat inside, put on a headset, and clicked on the most recent best-selling competitive game on her mobile phone.

The boys jostled each other, but ended up being suppressed by this big sister’s aura and didn’t dare to step forward.

Not long after, Qiao Sheng and Xu Yaoguang returned.

Qiao Sheng sat on his seat, flexed his long legs, then poked Xu Yaoguang on the shoulder, raised his chin toward a corner, and excitedly informed, “Look, that’s Qin Ran!”

Xu Yaoguang pulled out his textbooks to be used in the next lesson. His brows were knitted with a kind of indifference thousands of miles away.

He didn’t even lift his head.

A boy with a butch cut beside him looked down on his mobile phone and gave a muffled laugh, “Qiao Sheng, when did you ever see Xu Shao  paying attention to others?”

“Fuck, shut the fuck up.” Qiao Sheng kicked his stool. Feeling bored, he asked at the end, “Why are there so many people outside the door?”

“To look at that transferee.” The same boy answered without looking up and continued to flip his phone.

Not knowing what astonished him, he squealed and raised his phone up, “Holy shit!”

Qiao Sheng looked up at the phone screen.

It’s the school’s campus forum——

[Divine fairy! This is the campus belle Qin Yu!]

Further down was a picture.

On the street was a group of bloody high school seniors sprawled pitifully and a girl in a school uniform standing decadently in the middle of what seemed like a bloody ground.

Her figure was thin, her eyes were slightly lowered, and her mouth was lit with a bright smile, evoking a saucy bestiality.

Below, came more than 500 comments.

2l: Give me all the information about this little sister in one minute!

3l: First lick the screen, Qin Yu looks nothing like this …

No more than a hundred floors down, there were students from class nine who immediately responded.

The boy with the butch cut lowered his voice and whispered with suppressed excitement, “The school beauty queen is about to change!”

Qin Ran knew nothing about all this.

She was playing games with headphones on and sitting sideways.

Gu Xichi’s phone number suddenly popped up above, but she hung up without batting an eyelid.

The guy didn’t give up, then hit another one.

Qin Ran speeded up to finish the game.

She stood up from her table and rose to go out.

As she moved, everyone in and out of the class stalked after her with their eyes.

The whispering in class suddenly turned off.

And some went to crowd at the back door.

Qin Ran grabbed her mobile phone, took off her headset with one hand, and glanced at them.

A stare from the godfather.

“Crash–” Got the crowd scurrying away.

Qin Ran passed through the crowd and headed directly to the bathroom at the end of the hallway.

Gu Xichi called again.

She found a cubicle, sat on the toilet and pressed the answer button.


Gu Xichi just finished bandaging a child, gently touched his head, then took the mobile phone to the side, capturing his face beautiful and handsome.

He lit a cigarette and laughed. “You don’t reply to text messages in the morning. Now, you’re rejecting my calls.”

“I’m at school,” Qin Ran replied. While fiddling with the headphone cord, she urged openly. “Hurry up and say what’s up. I have a class.”

“There is one thing,” Gu Xichi spit out a smoke ring, received the medical kit that someone handed him, said thank you, and continued: “I checked the information you gave me.”

“What did you find?” Qin Ran glanced out the door.

Gu Xi paused, and then he whispered quietly, “Baby, I asked Interpol to check, but why did I see your name at Interpol? Are you under investigation?”


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