SWPF – Chapter 75: How about we kiss at the same time

Lu Xingzhi declined promptly, “No need, I’ll just settle for the loss.”

“I don’t like to owe others, why don’t you kiss me back?” Huo Jinchen felt that it would be impossible to settle the account.

Sure enough, he is a businessman who is smart enough.

“You don’t owe me, I thought too much. The duration of our two kisses is the same.” Lu Xingzhi blocked her little mouth, afraid that Huo Jinchen would kiss her again.

“Hahaha …” Huo Jinchen is more and more convinced that his little fiancee is a treasure. The more he digs, the more surprises she showers him.

Asi, who was driving in front, felt that he’d been fed dog food.

This is the first time he’d witnessed that his boss can be such a rogue.

He could actually go as far as bully little girls.

He’s taking advantage.

He felt that his big boss and Lu Xingzhi are actually a good match, even though Huo Jinchen is a little older.

Lu Xingzhi on the other hand is now certain that Huo Jinchen has really drunk too much alcohol and is inebriated.

He has never done such a thing.

“You really must be drunk.” To lend weight to this conclusion, she voiced it out.

Huo Jinchen raised an eyebrow, was he drunk? Then keep it that way.

When returning home, Huo Jinchen still held Lu Xingzhi’s hand.

However, nothing else was done. After all, today’s gains that should be taken advantage of were collected. Once the words have spread, it will circulate.

She now belongs to him, she can’t run away.

The two are frolicking in an ambiguous sweetness, while on the other side, Chen Xinzi is in a gloomy fit of ill temper.

Glass after glass of wine was poured into her mouth.

“Xinzi jie, it’s okay, don’t drink any more.” He Lian Yi grabbed and threw her glass down to the table. “What’s the use of you drinking so much wine? Don’t you have a clear understanding of San Ge’s behavior?”

After Huo Jinchen left, almost everyone in the room went home in the same way.

Chen Xinzi cried bitterly at He Lian Yi, “Xiao Yi,  do you also find me annoying? Everyone must have been laughing at me, right? Does San Ge really like Lu Xingzhi?”

“Ouch! Jinyan, let’s go home too! This place is too pretentious.” Qin Shi Huai stood up and urged Mo Jinyan on the side.

“Let’s go!” Mo Jinyan actually wasn’t in the mood to attend tonight, but he decided to follow the crowd.

Well, he did enjoy a good show.

They are all good brothers. This is why they don’t fall in love, once they fall in love, it ’s really so …

“This person still has some self-awareness. As a person, you shouldn’t value yourself over the top.”  Qin Shi Huai advised at the door before vanishing from the private room.

He should leave a nice reminder.

Chen Xinzi’s face stiffened. Of course, she’s aware that Qin Shi Huai’s wake up call is directed at her.

“Xiao Yi, is this how you see me too?” Chen Xinzi burst into tears again.

“Xinzi jie, don’t think too much about it. Why would I look at you that way, but, San Ge, you saw it yourself, why should you still insist on it!” He Lian Yi was pricked with a bit of annoyance.

Over the years, because of Chen Xinzi, his relationship with Huo Jinchen has faded a lot. His relationship with the family is not so harmonious, and his sister hates him even more.

He may not be too conscious of these lots of problems, but…

Chen Xinzi is too fragile and she tears up easily.

He suddenly remembered several times when he humiliated Lu Xingzhi, even if she was wronged, she never shed a tear.

He must be going crazy!

Don’t care about her.

“But, I really like him. Xiao Yi, you know, I liked him for six years.”

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