SFAM – Chapter 24.3: 19.30

After Mi Qing woke up, she started washing. For today’s climbing trip, she brought a down jacket and a pair of jogging pants. After changing into her attire, she walked out of the room.

Her down jacket is white, with white plush on the cuffs and hood. It is very soft and very beautiful, well-matched with the black and white rabbit pattern on the clothes. Chen Shishi was instantly attracted and forgot about her being slapped earlier: “Wow, Mi Qing, where did you buy this down jacket?”

Mi Qing replied: “Oh, this is Bunny’s collection last year.” Before she had time to buy this year, she fled here.

Chen Shishi stroked the fluff of her clothes with eyes shining bright: “How much is this? I want to buy one, too.”

Mi Qing gave it a thought for a while and gave a rough guess, “I don’t remember clearly, ten thousand yuan.”

Chen Shishi: “…”

She fished her mobile phone out again and sent a message to Gu Xin public account: “God, the princess’s down jacket costs tens of thousands, how terrible qaq.”

Gu Xin: Which one? I’ll buy it for you [cool]

Chen Shishi: Σ God, you are really getting smarter!

She couldn’t help giggling over the phone.

Mi Qing peeked at Chen Shishi’s screen and saw that she was chatting with Gu Xin’s public account again, and couldn’t help smirking. She must have been too addicted, knowing that her partner was a robot, yet she could still talk so vigorously.

Still immersed in her thoughts, she saw Xiao Gu arriving.

She has forgotten the events of the night for a while, but at the sight of Xiao Gu, the embarrassing memory flashed back instantly. Mi Qing turned back and dashed back into the room. “Pop” was only heard from the door. 

Xiao Gu: “…”

Chen Shishi was also shocked by this bang. She looked at Xiao Gu who came over, and then to the closed door, and suddenly understood.

“Boss Xiao, leave this to me!” She then volunteered, opened the door with her key card, and bravely entered the den. 

Mi Qing was sitting in the corner when Chen Shishi came to her. She patted her on the shoulder while saying: “What’s wrong, didn’t Boss Xiao comfort you last night?”

Mi Qing’s eyes jumped, she didn’t want to talk.

Chen Shishi decided to analyze everything for a while. She’s sure that Boss Xiao definitely solved the problem last night, so she decided to insert her own opinion: “What decade are we living in, a kiss is nothing, it’s not like you’ve shown him everything in the open.”

Mi Qing: “………………”

Seeing that Mi Qing’s face was getting redder and crimson, Chen Shishi raised her brows delicately and asked tentatively, “Did, yesterday, after Boss Xiao chased after you … did something happen with you again?”

“Nothing happened!” Mi Qing bounced directly from the chair.

“It doesn’t matter.” Chen Shishi grabbed her hand and walked to the door. “Since nothing happened, let’s go. There is snow in the mountains ~”

Mi Qing wanted to withdraw her hand, but doing so seemed to admit that something did happen to her and Xiao Gu, so she hardened her scalp and walked out brazenly.

When the two of them came out, everyone was gathered together. Xiao Gu glanced at Mi Qing, who quickly averted her gaze, pretending to be watching the scenery around the villa.

Xiao Gu turned around and addressed everyone, “Go for breakfast first, then go to the mountains. We’ll watch the snow after breakfast.”

Everyone cheered and followed him. Mi Qing was pulled by Chen Shishi and followed behind them.

Chen Shishi was right, no one cared about Xiao Gu and her kiss last night.

Except her.

Her eyes fell on Xiao Gu, who was walking in front of them inadvertently. Shouldn’t he also care?

Mi Qing lowered her head and started peeking at her toes.

On the way to the top of the mountain, Mi Qing deliberately evaded Xiao Gu, and even her eyes were unwilling to contact him. Chen Shishi took pictures all the way, and whenever she was satisfied, she sent it to Gu Xin’s public account. Mi Qing walked around with her and occasionally took pictures with her mobile phone. Every time she accidentally saw Xiao Gu in the camera, she frowned disapprovingly.

The steps going up were getting steeper and everyone walked more slowly. Mi Qing’s physical strength was poor. In addition, she was always absent-minded, and so she slipped under her feet.

Xiao Gu’s sharp eyes caught the movement and pulled her quickly, letting the two of them stand firm.

“Can you be more careful while walking?” Xiao Gu frowned, his voice trembling with a hint of anger.

Mi Qing scowled and snapped back: “What if I’m not careful, let go of me!” She shook her arm to dump Xiao Gu’s hand.

But strangely speaking, Xiao Gu was not the one closest to her, but was the first to catch her.

Xiao Gu exhaled with an inaudible sigh, let go of her hand, and whispered in a voice only she could hear: “I didn’t tell anyone about last night.”

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