TOCH – Chapter 407: Play with you

“I’m going out.”Fang Chixia was not at ease with him, so she turned around and ran hastily.

 Downstairs has liven up at this point. Tong Yan and Qing Muchen were stuck together, whispering in each other’s ears.

Qing Muchen was looking at Tong Yan with special tenderness; sister complex did define him very well.

Fang Chixia returned to her previous room and changed into her original clothes. She stood on the balcony upstairs and surveyed the people below for a while, before joining them.

Luo Yibei was still waiting for her in the lounge. Who knew, he waited for half an hour, but no figure returned.

When he went downstairs, Fang Chixia was mixing drinks with Shi Jinyang, who was teaching her.

Luo Yibei blinked at the two, but instead of joining them, he took a chair not far away and sat down, then stared intently at the two.

He really abhors seeing Fang Chixia with Shi Jinyang.

To be precise, he hates seeing any man with Fang Chixia.

The two ignored him and treated him like air.

“Brandy, pomegranate juice, one-to-one.” Shi Jinyang’s hands worked magic with the row of clean and transparent glasses placed in front of them. He picked up a glass of wine, blended it with another glass, and then shook it gently. In a flash, a glass of brightly colored cocktail was ready.

He was responsible for mixing, while Fang Chixia did the tasting. She tipped the glass and stuck her pink tongue out, resembling a little dipping as if looking for food. She must have thought that it was delicious, because she tilted her head slightly and downed the whole glass.

“Is it delicious?” Shi Jinyang eyes moved to her side and asked with a smile.

“Not bad, do you want to try?” Fang Chixia picked up another cup, handed it to him, and clinked her glass in return.

Her laid back attitude and way of getting along with him was lacking the restraints she has always exhibited in front of Luo Yibei. 

Shi Jinyang held up the wine and took a sip. He stared quietly at her face across the transparent glass, hooking his lips up. 

They have always gotten along well, the same as before he came to know that she was Luo Yibei’s person.

Having let go, it has become easier now.

“I’m going to see what Shi Luo is playing.” Fang Chixia put the glass in her hand down and drifted away.

Luo Yibei’s eyes chased after her figure. He stood up to follow, but Shi Jinyang suddenly came over and blocked him.

“Play two rounds with me!” He gestured at the shooting range, his eyebrows raised in a challenge.

“Okay.” Luo Yibei turned and followed him.

This villa of Qing Family’s villa has plenty of entertainment facilities. The shooting range is a place where family members usually practice shooting.

Luo Yibei and Shi Jinyang’s marksmanship were both on the sharpshooter levels. When competing, the winner was usually the one who shoots the red heart first.

They left and didn’t show up for a while.

From the villa, gunfire echoed from time to time.

Fang Chixia was supposed to find Shi Luo, but when she was unable to see his figure, she turned around near the villa.

She has never been in the villa before, so she was a stranger to the place.

After strolling around the villa, she got lost so decided to go back the way she came from. But when she turned back, she saw a huge thing blocking the road ahead.

She was petrified and her face paled dramatically. She minced her steps to head another way, but the huge behemoth came charging straight at her….

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