MYVD – Chapter 10.1: New school flower

Qin Ran dusted her hands, turned around to retrieve her uniform, and then collected her backpack.

While walking past the teenagers, her delicate eyebrows twisted and thought for a moment.

Then she whistled and smiled at the young man, the handsome leader with the sleek hairstyle, who was now cowering on his knees. 

“Thank you.” Was the only words Cheng Juan heard from the girl, whose handwriting was akin to chicken scratch, when she passed before him.

Lu Zhaoying’s jaws dropped. He tracked back and watched Qin Ran enter the school gate morosely, “I was the one suppposed to save her, why did she thank you?”

Cheng Juan looked askance at him and replied lazily, “Let’s go.”

Lu Zhaoying’s mind was still stuck at his question. He reluctantly withdrew his gaze and followed after him, “Her agility and routine don’t look unorthodox, but her eyes are faulty.”

One to four, she felled them neatly in one swoop, with no fooling around.

Walking around the four, Lu Zhaoying stopped and ran them down again, “Brothers, you’re hopeless.”

Cheng Juan looked at Qin Ran from the corner of his eyes, who seemed to have entered the reception office.

He withdrew his gaze and not long after they left, they soon arrived at an old family restaurant at the depths of an alley.

“Xu Lao.” Lu Zhaoying greeted a serious old man, who had already ordered food.

Principal Xu smiled at him, and greeted him back and turned to Cheng Juan, “Cheng Shao, what delivered you to this corner?”

Earlier when he asked him for a position as the school doctor, President Xu also had a headache. This grandpa was just too hard to serve.

Cheng Juan lifted a tea cup. The tea cup was rather poor in quality and the tea was not much better. But he showed no distates, and just drank slowly, as if it was the finest tea worth tens of thousands of pieces.

Then he smiled richly: “Just came for a visit.”

After which, he shifted the topic: “I heard that Xu Lao refused to leave in the past three years, and even lingered as a high school principal. So, I wanted to come and see you.”

“What’s there to it?” Principal Xu chuckled honestly, then his tone turned serious: “I found a successor.”

Not to mention Lu Zhaoying, even Cheng Yi was surprised. Xu Lao’s identity, and him having found his successor would definitely hit the headlines and rock the whole quartet of Beijing.

“Who?” Lu Zhaoying couldn’t hide his curiosity.

“She doesn’t want to take over.” Principal Xu shook his head and refused to say more.

Lu Zhaoying in contrast widened his eyes in disbelief.

Cheng Juan gently crossed his legs, lowered his head and drank tea without asking much.

And so Lu Zhaoying choked on his curiosity alone.



1 thought on “MYVD – Chapter 10.1: New school flower”

  1. Ok, I think this is confirmation that hubby is keeping tabs on her. 🤔 But is she wifey yet? How come she thanked him and not the sidekick?😏

    Thanks for the chapter.💖


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