EP – Chapter 223: I never want to hear you say a word again

Xu Yang restarted the car, but Xicheng ordered him in the back seat.

“I’ll wait for you here, help her buy a new cell phone, give it to her before we go!”

All he knows is the contact details of the TV station and it would be inconvenient to contact Ning Xiaofei without her phone. Besides, the mobile phone was also broken because of him, so it’s still appropriate to buy her a new one.

“Then you wait here.”

Xu Yang nodded, pulled the car door, and walked towards the mall.



As soon as she entered the building, Ning Xiaofei was stopped by the security guard, prompting her to hang her word ID. Hearing her indicate that she was not an employee here, she was immediately brought to the front desk to register.

Ning Xiaofei had no choice but to fold back to the front desk. When she said she was here to see Mu Tianye, the lady at the front desk looked her up and down.

“Do you have an appointment?”

Ning Xiaofei shook her head.

“So what is your business with President Mu?”

“It’s a private matter.” Ning Xiaofei bit her lip. “Can I borrow your phone?”

The receptionist apologized, “Sorry, we can only communicate through the intercom.”

“Then you can help me buzz the president’s office. Tell them I’m looking for Assistant Zhou.”

Her relationship with Mu Tianye was not made public, and it is impossible for other people to believe it. She could only contact Assistant Zhou first since her phone is again out of order.

The receptionist helped her inform the president’s office and hung up after asking a few words.           

“Assistant Zhou is not in the office.”   

Ning Xiaofei was immediately depressed. She couldn’t find them, and her phone was broken again. What should she do now?  

She turned her face to see that the security guard has reached the corner of the hall. Ning Xiaofei bit her lip, turned and rushed towards the elevator passage.

“Hey, miss!”

The receptionist exclaimed, “You can’t go in.”       

The security guard heard the voice over here and immediately turned to Ning Xiaofei and chased after her.       

Ning Xiaofei ignored them. She just darted all the way into the elevator in time to hear a tink. One of the elevator doors separated, and she immediately turned and rushed forward.  

A flash flickered at the corner of her eyes and she almost ran into someone.

Seeing who the man was, she rejoiced at once. 

“Assistant Zhou, what about Tianye?” 

Zhou Tao recognized her and turned his gaze behind him.   

Sure enough, Mu Tianye, headed by several directors, was coming out of the elevator.                               

“Hus …” Ning Xiaofei turned around and rushed towards him. Seeing the crowd behind him, she quickly collected herself and gave him a smiley face, “Tianye, can I have a word with you?”       

Mu Tianye passed her a glance, but walked past her as if she was air.

“Miss, you really can’t go in!”

By this time, two security guards have rushed over and seeing that Ning Xiaofei was about to ‘entangle’ Mu Tianye, they grabbed her arms on both sides.     

“Let go!’

Zhou Tao screamed loudly, startling the two guards. They released Ning Xiaofei in fright.

With this effort, Mu Tianye has already gone far.

Ning Xiaofei hurriedly chased after him, stumbling on his heels and crashing onto him, pleading softly: “Tianye, listen to me, I’ll explain, okay …”

The man stopped and stared daggers at her.

“I don’t want to hear you say a word again!”

After that, Mu Tianye strode forward.

Several directors looked curiously at Ning Xiaofei. Though they were dying to know her identity, they still bypassed her, and followed Mu Tianye forward.


Ning Xiaofei turned to chase, but ran too fast and slipped on her heels, almost falling. Fortunately, Zhou Tao rushed forward and grabbed her arm.                 


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