SWPF – Chapter 74: You kissed me, this is my first kiss

“What if I said yes? Would you agree?”

“No.” Lu Xingzhi answered frankly.

“Is that so?” A meaningful smile rose from Huo Jinchen’s lips, exuding an evil charm.

Even if she says no now, there would always be time to get her yes.

“Can you let go of your hand?” Lu Xingzhi leaned on her seat, afraid to move.

Huo Jinchen countered roguely, “No, I won’t.”

“You … you can’t do this.” Lu Xingzhi pushed him. “Asi is still driving! You … you’re bad.”

“Is it all right when there are outsiders?” Huo Jinchen’s fingers wrapped around a strand of her hair, rolling it several times, and bringing it on the tip of his nose for a sniff. His voice rasped. “What shampoo are you using, your hair smells so fragrant.”

“Aren’t you using this? Then, I’ll give you my shampoo.” Lu Xingzhi whispered.

Huo Jinchen did not let go of her, “Really? Okay, you said you’ll give me your shampoo, can I shower today with your shampoo then?

“Yes.” Lu Xingzhi agreed.

Huo Jinchen laughed at her consent.

Then he let go of her and sat back on his spot.

Seemingly worried that Huo Jinchen would launch another attack, Lu Xingzhi moved her buttocks to the edge and kept staring out the window.

“Does the scenery outside look so good? Looks better than me?” Huo Jinchen’s squiffy voice suddenly rang beside her ear.

“No …” Lu Xingzhi was jolted and swiveled around.

Plastering her lips right on Huo Jinchen’s lips.

When she turned, she brushed against them.

She blinked innocently, and then shrank expeditiously.

Her head banging against the window in her haste.

“Does it hurt?” Huo Jinchen responded one step ahead, putting his hand directly on the back of her head, and rubbing it gently.

“It doesn’t.” Lu Xingzhi wanted to escape from Huo Jinchen’s hands, but Huo Jinchen refused to give her a chance.

He rubbed her head for a while before looking at her with a grin, an evil grin, “Zhizhi, you just kissed me.”

“I didn’t mean to.” Lu Xingzhi answered like a child caught red-handed. “I’m sorry.”

“But you still kissed me. Is saying sorry enough? Did you know that this is my first kiss?” Huo Jinchen said, but his face was bubbling with hearts.

“I didn’t know.” Lu Xingzhi shook her head honestly. How could she have known that he had never kissed a girl?

Huo Jinchen determined that it was impossible to count on Lu Xingzhi to answer questions according to the thinking of ordinary people, “Then, do you know now?”

“Got it.”

“Then how are you going to compensate me? A top-notch man, who’s pure in body, lost his first kiss to you.” In the face of Lu Xingzhi, Huo Jinchen can spout nonsense without blinking an eye.

“Didn’t I apologize already?”

“Can a sorry solve it?” Huo Jinchen deliberately raised his face, feigning sorrow.

“Then what do you say I do? If that’s so, why don’t you return the kiss?” Lu Xingzhi pouted.

Huo Jinchen frowned excitedly and concurred to this proposal readily, “This is fine.”

Before Lu Xingzhi could react, he went straight to kiss her.

He stayed on her soft lips for a few seconds before letting go.

He wished he could continue, but still said seriously, “We’re even now.”

Lu Xingzhi went from being disoriented to acceptance, then pointed out, “It was only a brush, but you kissed for a longer time.”

Huo Jinchen was all smiles, “Otherwise, would you like to kiss me again?”

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