MAR – Chapter 3: The Divine Nine Transformations Foundation Building pill

The old beggar was chilled to the bone and he began shouting, “Wait! guardian spirit, I am your master. It is I who refined you!”

The voice sounded again, responding briefly: “Whoever devoted himself as the blood sacrifice is the master, that wasn’t you.”

The old beggar freaked out and was scared out of his wits. Overwhelming fear prompted him into pleading: “I can refine this body in a minute, please wait for…”

But before he could finish speaking, a terrifying divine spirit crushed his consciousness, and in a flash, rolled the old beggar’s primordial spirit into a twisted mass of white, turning it into a pure spiritual energy, and then left it suspended and unmoving in Ye Ming’s consciousness.


For who knows how long, Ye Ming remained unconscious and was awakened by a voice. He opened his eyes and found that the old beggar was lying straight on the ground across him, lifeless.

“This is not right? Wasn’t I robbed off of my body by that old beggar? Why am I still fine?” He examined himself and muttered.


The voice rang again, and Ye Ming heard it very clearly this time, he was rattled: “It’s you!”

He treated this voice calling him master as the old beggar. 

“Master, don’t be afraid. I am the guardian spirit of the Divine Treasure Cloak. Master can call me Bei Ming. Bei Ming’s voice sounded mechanically cold, devoid of any warmth of human feelings, “Within every divine martial arts treasure resides a guardian spirit. We can offer infinite guidance to our masters.”

Ye Ming calmed down swiftly and asked, “Bei Ming, what about that evil man? And what divine treasure cloak are you talking about?”

“Master, that primordial spirit has already been erased by me and his life has now been completely extinguished.  Now, only his pure spiritual energy has been left behind. When the time is ripe, Master can absorb that energy and strengthen your soul.” Bei Ming replied, “The Divine Treasure Cloak is one of the Three Great Treasures of the Heavenly Earth. It is extremely precious. Those who have come to wear it have achieved great feats.”

“What? You killed him?” Ye Ming was both surprised and elated. “So what that old beggar said about those Three Great Treasures turned out to be true. That being said, am I your master now?”

“Yes, Master. There are restrictions in the divine cloak. The user needs only to sprinkle a drop of blood. As long as the soul waves match each other, he can become the master of the divine cloak.” Bei Ming explained.

Ye Ming was stunned, feeling lucky, and continued to ask, “Haven’t that old man ever thought of this?”


“The secrets of the Divine Treasure Cloak are only known to the Lord of the Heavenly Earth. It must be made with a blood sacrifice that fits the soul. That old man thought that he could refine it after the blood sacrifice. Little did he know that there is a guardian spirit protecting the cloak, that must have driven him crazy, right?” Bei Ming said indifferently, “But this old man is not a weak ordinary person. If not for his primordial spirit badly injured to the point of extinction, I wouldn’t have wiped him out so easily.”

“What do you mean when you say soul fit?” Ye Ming was still puzzled and asked immediately.

Bei Ming answered: “The Divine Treasure Cloak was created by the Ancestral Almighty Skyroamer with his own hands since time immemorial. At the time of its creation, he used the soul of a martial arts deity as its core. He also added a stolen wisp of the will of heaven, a wisp of good fortune, and a wisp of the enigma of fate. And then he searched through the entire three realms for 49 different kinds of rare treasures. It took him 3000 years to create the Divine Treasure Cloak. So, if you want to become the master of the Divine Treasure Cloak, your soul must be highly compatible with the soul of the martial arts deity.”

Ye Ming was trembling all over wondershocked. This Divine Treasure Cloak is too powerful! It was actually created with the soul of a martial arts deity!

He asked again: “So, my soul fits with the divine treasure?”

“Yes, Master. You are not only fit, but also highly fit, almost perfect.” Bei Ming replied.

“That’s weird. I’m not someone who is from the Heavenly Earth, so why am I highly compatible with it?” Ye Ming was puzzled.

“In answer to Master’s question, people from the Heavenly Earth may not necessarily be compatible with it. The same is true for people outside the Heavenly Earth. There is no certain link between the two. Generally speaking, no more than one percent of the souls of people can fit the soul of the Divine Treasure Cloak. Highly fit does not exceed one in a million.” Bei Ming answered.

Ye Ming was again blown over, so he is actually one in a million? Could this be the Will of the Heavens?

“Bei Ming, as a Guardian Spirit, is it possible that you are the soul of that martial arts deity?” A theory struck him out of the blue, and asked once more.

“The soul of the martial arts deity has already been erased from the seal of life. It has no thinking, it is just a tool. I am a junior mentor born out of the soul of martial arts deity.” Bei Ming expounded.

“Junior mentor?” Ye Ming scratched his head. “So, are you the one who’s going to specially instruct me?”

“Yes, Master. As Master’s cultivation rises, I will gradually evolve into an intermediate mentor, a senior mentor, and even a divine mentor.” Bei Ming replied.

“So with your help, what next step can I do?” Ye Ming asked after a moment of thought, and waited nervously.

Bei Ming answered: “If you’re a person from the Heavenly Earth, drawing support from the Divine Treasure Cloak and infinite natural resources, you could at least cultivate in the realm of a martial arts honor.”

Ye Ming froze. Martial arts honor? On the Tianyuan Continent, a martial arts honor is extremely powerful! Put on the divine treasure cloak and become a powerhouse of that level, just like that?

Bei Ming continued: “Master has already taken the Divine Nine Transformations Foundation Building pill, so your early endowments are far beyond others under the Heavenly Earth. As for the later stages, they depend on the Master’s destiny and good fortune.”

Ye Ming finally thought of a serious problem, and asked carefully: “This Divine Cloak is from the Heavenly Earth, but I am not from there, don’t you mind?”


“Yes, Master.  The divine treasure cloak is only answerable to the master, not to the Heavenly Earth. Even if the Ancestral Almighty Skyroamer himself were here at the moment, he can’t interfere with the divine treasure cloak.”

Ye Ming breathed a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that Bei Ming would leave him because of that, the loss is unimaginable.

“Master, on the body of the old beggar, there is a Divine Sutra Graphics there, Master should take it for future practice.” Bei Ming reminded him.

Ye Ming quickly rummaged, and sure enough, he found a golden scroll, which he quickly drew it into his arms.

Bei Ming said: “This is the complete version of the ‘Divine Sutra Graphics’, only the successor of the Heavenly Earth is qualified to practice it. It is classified as a divine level sutra! In accordance with that old man’s memory, even when he was a core disciple at that time, he could only practice a portion of the divine sutra.”

Ye Ming also knows that in the Tianyuan Continent, Sutra Graphics is the foundation for martial arts. Each martial arts Sutra Graphics was painted with countless practices from ancestral sages. To practice them must undergo rigorous training and exploration. Their value is limitless. The essence of a person who practices martial arts is the meridians; where the meridians are opened; and how qi is circulated, all must refer to the Sutra Graphics, otherwise normal cultivation would be impossible.

Low-level Sutra Graphics can only be cultivated from the realm of a martial arts master to the realm of a martial arts monarch; while high-level Sutra Graphics can only be practiced from the realm of martial arts saint to the immortal realm!

But high-level Sutra Graphics have always been controlled by the powerful forces, none of which were the best existence in the Tianyuan Continent. The Sutra Graphics are divided into nine grades, the highest being one and the lowest being nine. On top of each grade, there are four more great elements, the  Royal grade, the Imperial grade, the Saint grade and the Divine grade. There are of course counterfeit Sutra Graphics that have been passed around by people, sutras that are so abundant that even peddlers can practice it.

The Ye Family for example treasures a ninth grade sutra called “The water and Fire Sutra.” With the “Water and Fire Sutra” graphics, the ancestors of the Ye family practiced martial arts at one stroke, laying a solid foundation for the development of the Ye family.

“So, this is actually a divine grade sutra!” Ye Ming whooped, completely in awe.

Bei Ming said: “The divine level sutras are extremely precious. Without the divine level sutras, no extraordinary genius can become a Martial God, so Master must collect it.”

Ye Ming nodded and asked, “Where is the Heavenly Earth?”

“According to that old man’s memory, Tianyuan’s Continent is vast and boundless. The territory belonging to Yan Country is merely as big as a sesame seed, too small to be worth mentioning.The powerful forces on top of Tianyuan Continent are the Four Divine Realms, the Five Imperial Dynasties, the Nine Sacred Places, and the Twelve Religions. The Four Divine Realms consist of the Heavenly Earth, the Eternal Sacred Mountain, the Origin of the Divine Sea, and the Immortal Temple. As for the rest of those innumerable sects and small religions, they are merely mole crickets and ants in comparison. They are not worth mentioning.” Bei Ming analyzed the memories of the old beggar. 

Ye Ming was at a loss for words the more he listened. It turned out that there are such powerful forces in the Tianyuan Continent!

Bei Ming added: “The person who wanted to harm Master was named ‘Ji Tianpeng,’ and was originally a great general during the Qing Long Dynasty, at the level of a martial arts monarch. Later, he acquired the “Yi Hua Jie Mu” and sneaked into the Heavenly Earth and cultivated into a martial arts honor. When the Heavenly Earth was invaded by a powerful enemy, he teamed up with others and stole the Three Great Treasures of the Heavenly Earth.”

Ye Ming commented: “That man has a story, but slowly tell me it later. What I want to know most now is about my meridians that were destroyed. Can they be healed now?”

“Master’s physique is in a poor state, your meridians have been seriously damaged, and your whole body is still bridled with hidden injuries from your icy water cultivation.” Bei Ming replied, “But with the divine nine transformation foundation building pill, your injuries are not a problem.”

Ye Ming was ecstatic at his reply, and even went on to say, “Chop chop! Bei Ming, get on with it quickly and repair my meridians, so I can practice!”

Ever since the day his meridians were destroyed, he felt as if the sky had collapsed and he was totally lost. With the knowledge that his meridians can be repaired now, he was beside himself with happiness and couldn’t resist dancing.

“Yes, Master, I can repair your meridian so Master can then start practicing. We can start by practicing the corresponding basic supplementary foundation techniques.”

“What do you mean practicing the basic supplementary foundation techniques?” Ye Ming, who has no clue, asked right away. 

Bei Ming lectured: “The primary task on the martial arts stage is to build foundation. The Divine Ancestors have set up corresponding basic supplementary foundation-based techniques for each stage.  Cultivation of basic techniques can lay a solid foundation and enhance the effectiveness of subsequent exercises.

“Can I learn all of these techniques you said?” Ye Ming was itching to get started the moment he heard it and asked quickly.

“Yes, these sets of supplementary techniques are comprised of, The Nine Fundamental Transformations Cultivation Sutra, The Divine Bone Refining Sutra, The Innate Muscle Refining Sutra, The Yin and Yang Meditation Sutra,’ and The Five Phases of the Anatomy Sutra. According to Ji Tianpeng’s memory, the first two basic sets of techniques are the secret techniques of the Heavenly Earth. Even the basic foundation techniques of the other three realms are inferior compared to them. The only drawback is that the two sets of basic foundation techniques are extremely complicated to practice and the training process is also painful. Fortunately, Master has taken the Divine Pill. It’s enough to support Master in completing all five sets of basic foundation techniques. Once you’ve laid a strong and solid foundation, your future cultivation will be incomparable.”


Speaking of the Divine Nine Revolution Foundation Building Pill, Ye Ming stroked his chest and said, “Ji Tianpeng just said that only people in the Heavenly Earth are eligible to take this pill, do you know how wondrous it is?”

Bei Ming replied: “According to Ji Tianpeng’s memory, this Divine Pill contains nine powerful kinds of spiritual demon gods, each of which corresponds to a stage of cultivation.”

“Oh? What makes you say that?” Ye Ming still was far from understanding so he asked at once.

Bei Ming continued: “The Divine Pill contains nine kinds of powers, each of which has a different function. Of the nine powers, six of which correspond to six cultivation stages, blood refining, muscle refining, bone refining, marrow refining, viscera refining; and the three remaining powers are the healing, the breaking out and resilience power.”

Ye Ming nodded and said, “This Divine Pill is truly miraculous. It’s a unique divine pill worthy of the Heavenly Earth. Even if I were rich, I’m afraid I couldn’t afford it.” Then he took a deep breath. “Okay, Bei Ming, please repair my meridians first, I really can’t wait to get on with it!”

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