LLW – Chapter 201: Achen and Di Jue Chen, who is more handsome?

“Great, let’s put it in writing!”

“…” Feng Chuge looked helplessly at Chen Chen, but seeing him brimming with excitement, she let him be.

Achen’s little hand held a pen and wrote seriously on a paper. After a long time, he finally finished writing.

Feng Chuge took the paper and looked at his handwriting on it. She almost bit her tongue in astonishment.

“Is this your handwriting?”

“Is this the first time wife has seen it?” Achen leaned back lazily, unmindful of her surprise.

Feng Chuge thought that Achen was just joking. Even if he really did put it in writing as evidence, he would probably write something for fun.

But the more she read what was written on the paper, she realized that she was completely wrong …

A few lines were written eloquently on the paper.

Between the lines, every word was coherent and logical.

What stunned Feng Chuge further was the font. Every stroke in every word on the paper was powerful, firm and domineering as well as unrestrained.

The three people behind Feng Chuge were already shocked in their seats!

No one expected that a five, nearly six-year-old child would have such a skill!

Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes and looked at Achen, in time to capture a hint of laziness that he failed to cover up from his face.

Her brows snapped together, and finally realized that the Achen that has been with them all along turned out to be such a huge mystery.

It’s at this moment, while sizing Achen up, that Di Jue Chen’s smiling face flashed before her eyes. 


How could that be possible?

An adult, a child …

How could they be the same person?

Achen has already taken the paper signed by Feng Chu and waved it before her before carefully folding it. “Wife, you promised, you can’t take it back later.”

Feng Chuge forced herself to calm down and stared at the smugness on Achen’s face. Feng Chuge finally realized that she had been tricked —

“Little devil, you tricked me!” Her eyes narrowed into slits, shimmering with danger.

“I did not! I just want to live in peace with my wife in the future.” Mainly … still for his own benefit. Otherwise, if he were to let his wife know that he has been lurking by her side, she’d be furious.

The drama at the bottom of Achen’s eyes once again captured Feng Chuge’s eyes.

This expression, the more she looks, the more she finds it familiar.

That fleeting hunch that she failed to capture before in her heart was exactly this!

“Achen, do you have an older brother?”

“No.” Achen raised a delicate brow, dyed with teasing and genuity.

Feng Chuge shook her head to dispel the thought. “That’s right, what am I thinking? But you really resemble someone.”

“Who?” Achen put both hands on his cheeks, and pretended to be interested.

“Di Jue Chen.” Feng Chuge’s eyes remained narrowed, and finally spit out these three words.

“He’s the first ranked beautiful man in the Yuntian Continent. Do you really think Achen resembles him?”

Feng Chuge turned her head and fixed her eyes on Achen’s face and white robes.

Suddenly, the utterly unfitting clothes that Achen was wearing when she first met him was called to mind.

There was also that strange old man whom they bumped into at the corner of the streets that day, and the ‘rejuvenate poison from regression poison’ in his mouth.

And … the same similar way of calling her ‘wife’.

This train of thought led her to a ridiculous guess …

Soon after, the feeling became more profound.

Feng Chuge’s eyes narrowed even further —

The next moment, the corner of her lips rose without a trace.

It seems that she really needs to figure out what poison that return of spring, free and unfettered medicine is for!

Achen was unaware of Feng Chuge’s conjecture, and just leaned heavily on his hands and looked into the distance. “Wife, tell me, between Achen and Di Jue Chen, who is more handsome?”

“Of course it’s Achen!” Feng Chuge’s tone immediately relaxed. She pursed her lips. “I told you earlier, when our Achen grows up, you would be a thousand times better than that arrogant maniac!”

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