SWPF – Chapter 72: Don’t bully her

She really didn’t have it easy.

Her family members died one after the other, and at the age of fifteen, she was already living alone.

Three years in high school, she worked part-time while studying. Even in this way, she still managed to bag a scholarship every year, and she was admitted to Beijing University with the national liberal arts scholarship.

Frankly speaking, He Lian Yi knew very well that it was absolutely impossible for him to achieve the same.

But Lu Xingzhi …

Thinking of his curses and his actions, He Lian Yi was bitten by guilt.

In the end, she is also innocent.

Lu Xingzhi was right to say that she was not worthy of Huo Jinchen, but no one cared whether she wanted the engagement or not.

“San ge, so she is the legendary San sao! Hello San sao, I’m Fang Chenze, you can call me Chenze, or Xiao Chenze can do it too.” Fang Chenze definitely has foresight. He had long known that Huo Jinchen did not like Chen Xinzi.

At this juncture, he wouldn’t spare He Lian Yi the chance to speak for her!

“Great vision!” Huo Jinchen praised and then smashed another remark that made Fang Chenze ecstatic, “Let your dad bring a contract to Di Sheng Group tomorrow!”

Fang Chenze didn’t expect that only three words of praise could be exchanged for such a huge piece of pie.

His dad has long been hankering for a cooperation with Di Sheng Group. Some time ago, he sent them a cooperation plan. However, it is not just their Fang family who want to cooperate with Di Sheng.

This San Sao is really a blessing.

He quickly responded, “Thank you San Sao, San Sao can make use of my club whenever you want without reservation. I will never laze around.”

“She’s got me enough. I don’t need you. However, our family’s Zhizhi has barely reached adulthood, she’s still very young. Please take care of her and don’t let others bully her.” With that said, he looked at Lu Xingzhi gently and rubbed her head.

Lu Xingzhi just looked at him suspiciously, “Didn’t you say you’re drunk so I came to pick you up? Why do I think you’re sober!”

Huo Jinchen forgot about this. He stroked his chin awkwardly, and regardless of everyone’s presence, he smiled and said, “We’re outside, give me some face.”

With every move he made, everyone present came to know that Lu Xingzhi is Huo Jinchen’s fiancee and the woman he cares about.

Others also envied Fang Chenze’s good fortune for actually landing an opportunity to cooperate with Huo Jinchen.

Of course, the person who is most unhappy is Chen Xinzi.

She didn’t even know that Huo Jinchen is so concerned about Lu Xingzhi and even has a pet name for her. He had always kept a distance from women, but he hugged Lu Xingzhi on the waist so naturally.

Because Fang Chenze complimented her, the Fang Family earned a cooperation with the Di Sheng Group. 

What about her?

Was she wrong in loving him?

No, Huo Jinchen is only indulging himself with Lu Xingzhi’s freshness for a while.

It’s just that Lu Xingzhi has a beguiling face.

She also has a pair of bewitching eyes.

“Jinchen, I’ve met Xiao Zhi, but others haven’t seen her yet. Shouldn’t you introduce her to them?” Qin Shi Huai was not having it easy either, how could he not understand Huo Jinchen’s intention.

“This is my fiancee, Lu Xingzhi, the girl who will spend her life with me in the future. She is young and obedient and adorable, don’t bully her.” At this point, Huo Jinchen paused and his tone turned sharp as a blade, “Otherwise, I’ll never let you go.”

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