TOCH – Chapter 405: Carried her out outrageously

Fang Chixia calmly glanced at the screen of his mobile phone, catching a glimpse of the caller “Su Ran” flashing on it, her eyes ran obliquely towards him, observing his reaction.

Luo Yibei hesitated only for a moment, then answered the call.

A move that chilled Fang Chixia’s heart.

He asked her for a meal and she came, what does he mean now?

Luo Yibei cast her a sidelong glance out of the periphery of his vision, while he walked to the side to answer the call.

Perking her ears up, Fang Chixia couldn’t hear Su Ran on the other side, and only Luo Yibei’s voice echoed around.

It didn’t take him long on the phone and immediately ended the call saying, “I’m busy right now.” 

He pocketed his phone and returned to his seat.

Fang Chixia kept her head down and swallowed her meal, without questioning him.

“Why don’t you ask me about my relationship with Su Ran?” Luo Yibei opened the topic after a while.

Fang Chixia retorted silently, isn’t she his childhood sweetheart? Who in C City doesn’t know about it?

All she felt was the irony, so she turned a deaf ear and focused on her meal.

“Aren’t you curious?” Luo Yibei asked again.

Fang Chixia scoffed deep down. Why would she be curious? That day, in front of her, he and Su Ran walked down memory lane and recounted a multitude of their childhood adventures. Was he afraid that she couldn’t guess their relationship?

Recalling the torment she was subjected to the next day Su Ran appeared, Fang Chixia felt indignant. Her hand holding the fork tightened unconsciously as she stabbed the dish in front of her with a bang.

“No…” Luo Yibei was about to follow his question, but was blocked by Fang Chixia’s indifferent answer.

She looked at him and continued coldly: “I’m not curious what your relationship is, and you don’t have to explain anything to me. I’ve already told you before marriage, I won’t interfere in the slightest.” 

Standing up, she stomped her way downstairs without looking back.

She hastened her pace without regrets and disappeared in just a moment.

Luo Yibei followed her back with eyes turning cold by the second.

She’s really free and at ease, huh!

And here he was thinking of explaining to her!

Luo Yibei has never explained himself to anyone, and she was the only exception.

But it seems that she doesn’t appreciate it at all!

Having been stood up on the dinner that he has personally arranged for hours, and now this, of course, his mood turned sour.

A pleasant dinner was ruined by Su Ran’s phone call. When they went back home, the air between them whirled rigidly.

The next day was Sunday. When Luo Yibei got up early in the morning, Fang Chixia was gone.

There was no figure of her in the room, nor any message telling him where she had gone.

Later, he came to know from Qing Muchen call, that a group of people has gone to the Qing’s villa at a hilltop to have a meal together!

It was almost noon when Luo Yibei arrived there at Qing Muchen’s invite.

Tong Yan has invited Fang Chixia and by the time Luo Yibei got there, the two have gone dipping in the hot spring pool behind the hill.

With just the two, how could they soak in the pool for so long without coming out!

Luo Yibei roosted on a beach chair in the garden, and had no idea how many times he has already looked towards the hill.

He fixed his eyes at the entrance, and after a while, Tong Yan came out alone. He didn’t know why Fang Chixia has yet to appear.

Without Tong Yan there, the opportunity for him to move his hands was way much better!

Grabbing a large towel, he went straight to the hot spring behind the hill.

He broke into the place, where Fang Chixia was, and was hell-bent on fishing her out regardless if she’s still in the pool!

2 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 405: Carried her out outrageously”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Well with all those shenanigans in his office with Su Ran previously, what did he expect from her now?


  2. They should talk and open up so that no more misunderstanding ……
    sometimes this two is annoying , one is trying to explain and the other one is not willing to listen haizzzz
    Thanks for the update 🙂 can’t wait for the next chapter 😉


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