TOCH – Chapter 404: First date


Fang Chixia never took the dinner tonight seriously and had no plans of coming.

It never occurred to her that Luo Yibei was serious.

It gave her the impression that having dinner together tonight was not a simple meal, but rather a date.

Luo Yibei stepped out of the restaurant and stood high on the steps. He looked down at her on the bridge and raised his brows.

Fang Chixia’s dress complemented her figure beautifully. With dim lights and against the backdrop of a blue sea and sky behind her, the blue of the dress blended with the sea water, tricking the eye into believing that she was a mermaid rising from the bubbles in the sea.

Luo Yibei nodded at her choice of dress, and the corners of his lips pursed up in an instant.

“Why come to this kind of place?” Fang Chixia climbed the steps while checking the surroundings calmly. 

She has never been here before, and was curious about the legendary most luxurious and stylish place in City C.

“I like it.” Luo Yibei answered briefly, taking the lead into The Night.

The Night was designed as a small villa built on the sea, with the dining area on the second floor and a large alfresco dining overlooking the sea, emulating a cruise ship.

With it’s stylish, fresh, and extravagant ambience, it was said that all those in power have dined here.

When Fang Chixia followed Luo Yibei to the open-air balcony, only one dining table adorned with a white tablecloth was at the center of the huge balcony, flanked by several waiters.

Luo Yibei took  a seat and received the menu handed by a waiter beside him.

It was past ten o’clock, and Fang Chixia had stood him up for a whole three hours.

His voice on the phone was clearly angry.

After taking her place, Fang Chixia watched him closely, on the lookout at him erupting at any time.

However, after Luo Yibei sat down, he just ordered food by himself, and although he was very cold when talking to the waiter, there was not much anger from what she could hear.

He came across as his usual self at ordinary times.

This somehow baffled Fang Chixia.

He actually wasn’t angry.

It was a surprise, but then she felt no guilt from the onset.

Last night, she waited for him for how many hours!

Luo Yibei ordered the meal, set the menu aside, and glanced at her. “What were you doing at home?”

“I was busy preparing for the exam.” Fang Chixia easily fabricated an excuse.

She didn’t do anything tonight. She just wasn’t inclined to come until some time ago, but she was smart enough not to blurt this out at the moment.

“Really?” Luo Yibei raised a brow, unable to believe her excuse.

“I’m so hungry, how long will it take for the main course to be served?” Fang Chixia averted her eyes, picked up her cutlery and tasted a few appetizers on the table.

Luo Yibei was sure of his guess, but disregarded it.

The main course was served after 10 minutes or so. Starving at this time, Fang Chixia quietly filled her belly after they were served.

At dinner, when the two were not in the cold war, the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

It’s just that it didn’t last a few minutes, and was interrupted by a sudden call.

The phone call was from Su Ran. The beeping tone rang between the two, shattering the tranquility of the moment in an instant.

2 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 404: First date”

    1. I agree. It is past time for Yibei to ecide what he really wants.Chixia is on the verge of leaving him emotionally. If she doesn’t , and they continue at this game she will go crazy.


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