TOCH – Chapter 403: Dress up for a date

He made a phone call at five and two calls at seven o’clock. Now, it was almost half past seven, but not a shadow of Fang Chixia passed at all.

The Night was decorated luxuriously, and the lamps on the walls were sparkling. Entering and leaving the restaurant was like attending a feast.

So all the guests present were dressed up. 

When Luo Yibei went out, he changed his clothes specifically to cater to the atmosphere tonight.

As a result, Fang Chixia did not even want to show her face.

Luo Yibei tapped his fingers on his phone’s screen while thinking of Fang Chixia last night. The more he thought of her, the deeper he scowled.

He has never been a patient person. Sitting in a restaurant and waiting for a person for ten minutes has never happened before.

Not to mention waiting for more than an hour.

Luo Yibei was a bit upset, but he chose not to leave. 

He missed dinner last night.


Fang Chixia didn’t take Luo Yibei’s call seriously at all.

With Luo Yibei’s patience, she believed that he would be back without waiting for her.

She knelt on the rug and doubled the size of Tuantuan’s original small nest. When the whole project was completed, it was already past nine o’clock.

“Alright!” She clapped her hands and surveyed her masterpiece with satisfaction. She wanted to turn and go upstairs, but at the glimpse of the time on her phone, she faltered.

It was past nine, but he has yet to return…

Fang Chixia stopped at the entrance of the staircase, wondering if he was busy with other things or was still in the restaurant.

Fang Chixia thought that Luo Yibei would never wait for her in the restaurant for so long, and that her latter speculation was more feasible. 

So she shrugged and went straight upstairs.

Back in the room, she was going to take another shower in the bathroom, but the ringtone of her phone rang again.

Luo Yibei called, cold and angry, “Is it too late to come over now?”

He roared loudly leaving Fang Chixia ears ringing. Holding the phone in a distance and standing stumped next to the closet for a while, she calmly retorted, “I never said I was coming.”

“….” Luo Yibei must be furious. Needless to say, his silence sent Fang Chixia waves of how his expression was looking right now.

“I’ll hang up first.” Fang Chixia did so.

She continued towards the bathroom, but after stepping a leg in, she suddenly retreated.

Staring at the closet, she hesitated before choosing a dress and changed into it.

Last night, she really was disappointed with Luo Yibei, but she felt that she should stop before going too far.

Angering him and seeing his distorted face was enough. This was really over the top, it was her who was upset.

Fang Chixia decided to go with this in mind. When she changed into her dress and went downstairs, it was almost ten o’clock.

She picked a navy blue dress, light blue, close to the color of the sea when dawn begins to surface, the chest and back were cutout, which was ideal as a nightgown.

When she arrived, the lights at The Night were still brilliant, like a palace arising from the sea.

The long trestle bridge, where two rows of street lights highlighting the entire bridge were sparkling splendidly. The bridge that wasn’t wide or narrow was dotted with stars, creating a surreal illusion.

When Fang Chixia in a pair of high heels was walking along the trestle leading to the palace on the sea, she reached the entrance of The Night and was surprised to find that no one was in sight. 

Not even a waiter was around.

Was it …. Reserved?

2 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 403: Dress up for a date”

  1. Sometimes she’s stupid , If you decide not to come , don’t come …..
    It’s too late for you to come coz it’s too late now I think he already left , what a stupid woman .

    Thanks for the update more please 🙂


  2. She is really stupid, she is always wants to fight him dis agrees with him, why find a common ground to have a harmonious relationship and so when the time to divorce it will be amicable and good relationship. She is really stupid girl 1000x. It’s infuriating.


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