SWDP – Chapter 67: Take me in for two days

“I’m still your biological daughter! What have you done to me! What have you done to me!” Mu Huan screamed out of control.

As a biological father, he watched her being bullied, beaten, oppressed, threatened, abused, drugged, and forced to marry. Now he wants her to be like a J-girl and sleep with a man in exchange for money to pay off his gambling debt.

Biological father! Her biological father!

“Dad knows I am useless, I am shameless, I am pitiful, but I also have no choice but to do this! Dad also wants to protect you, Dad also wants to have that ability, and Dad has done his best to protect  you! Look, every time you fight with Kexin, didn’t dad help you … “

Mu Huan looked at him and laughed, smiled and burst into a heartbreaking sob, “Dad, sometimes I really want you  to just stab me with a knife, choke me or kill me to forget …”

Or perhaps disappoint her thoroughly, so as not to be hurt repeatedly.

“What nonsense are you talking about, how could Dad hit you? You are Dad’s biological daughter!”

Mu Huan looked at him, crying and laughing again, and then wept some more. Finally, she loosened her arm and strode away leaving a mixture of laughter and tears.

Mu Dongsheng wanted to chase after her and stop her, to convince her to help him. But his feet refused to move, he had never seen his strong and stubborn daughter so desolate as she did just now.

Sometimes, a father doesn’t have to be so bad to break his child ’s heart. As long as he once gave her love, gave her hope, extravagance, he ruined all of them selfishly.

The most painful part was that the pain wasn’t severe enough. There is still love in her heart, she wanted to let go completely. Only in this way, she won’t get hurt again and again.

The sky in midsummer changed, and the originally clear sky suddenly turned into overcast with heavy clouds and storms.

Pedestrians on the road quickly found shelter Leaving Mu Huan alone, walking slowly, step by step, aimlessly.

She has always been a positive person, but even a positive person can also get tired.

She is exhausted now, so drained.

She has been working tirelessly all this time to live, but she’s still living like an ant.

Rain poured down and hit her face, leaving her red face even more swollen. 

However, she still strolled slowly down the street like a wandering soul.

Letting anyone passing by in a hurry on the road can’t help looking at her.

Summer storms come quickly, and go fast.

After the rain stopped, Li Meng, who wanted to go out for food, opened the door and saw a listless Mu Huan, who looked like a drenched chicken with a red and swollen face.

Seeing her, Mu Huan smiled nonchalantly. 

But tears swelled in Li Meng’s eyes, “What happened to you! Who hit you!”

Although she asked, she already knew who would hit her. Only two people could hit her, either Bai Xuexian or her grandma.

“Take me in for two days. I can’t let Bao Junyan see me like this.” Letting Bao Junyan see her being beaten like this is tantamount to hitting his face. He will definitely not let it go. If everything falls into pieces, she’d be done for.

“How are you going to tell Bao Junyan that you’re sleeping out?”

“I don’t know if my good friend would break up with her love and fall in love with me instead.” Mu Huan laughed.

“Look at your face, it’s ugly when you laugh! Don’t laugh!” Li Meng dragged her into the room.

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