SWDP – Chapter 66: Is this blessing?

Mu Huan suffered in silence for a while, then suddenly asked, “What do you want five million for?”

Mu Dongsheng immediately thought that she had finally decided to help him ask for the money. “I went abroad to play with friends not too long ago and lost a few rounds. Originally, your grandma said that she would give me 5 million after you promised me, and I can fill in this empty space. Unexpectedly, you designed such a scandal and caused your grandmother to be so furious. I dare not ask her for money, otherwise, I wouldn’t beg you to ask Bao Junyan for it.”

In summary, Mu Dongsheng’s reasoning was still a bit of a resentment against Mu Huan. This wouldn’t have been the case, if she hadn’t ruined Bai Xuexian’s reputation and ruined Grandma Mu’s calculations.

“You lost five million?”

“There were times when I won, but you also know that winning wasn’t always a possibility in gambling.”

Unable to control her anger, Mu Huan suddenly twisted Mu Dongsheng’s arm. “You went abroad to gamble and even lost five million. But you didn’t even want to lend me fifty thousand! You just watched them ruin my life!”

Before, she also made excuses for him and persuaded herself, just like he said, it’s not that he didn’t want to help her, but he was powerless to do so. But now, what is this!

He dared to lose five million, but refused to hand her even fifty thousand!

“Xiao Huan, this is not the same. I lost. No matter how much I lose, your grandma would always regard me as a failure at home. She would send me to the countryside at most to reflect on it, but if I fight her, she will kill me! You know, I have a son, and the Mu family now has an heir. Your grandma will no longer use a worthless person like me.”

“Kill you? Do you really think grandma will kill you?”

Mu Dongsheng, “…”

Well, he exaggerated a bit. No matter how useless his mother thinks of him, she will not kill his only son. But even then, he dared not oppose her!

“Xiao Huan, let’s not talk about these meaningless things now. Besides, how did it ruin your life! How lucky you are to marry Bao Junyan! Bao Junyan is handsome, rich, and pampers you. I can see that all your clothes are famous brands. In the future, your life will only be beautiful, eating delicious and spicy food. It’s not ruined. This is called blessings from misfortune! Don’t keep thinking about what had happened before!”

“Blessing by misfortune? Being controlled by grandmother and holding my grandmother’s life in her hands, I can only obey her like a dog. What she asks me to do, I have to do it. This is what you call blessing? Look at my face, do you really think I’m blessed? ” Mu Huan pointed to her face.

Pointing at the red and swollen cheek that Mu Dongsheng couldn’t bear to look at.

“Xiao Huan, don’t make your words so unpleasant. You have to think this way, your grandma is an elder, filial piety must be observed towards your elders. It is right to listen to your elders. As long as you obey whatever your grandma tells you to do, you will not get beaten.”

He had told her long ago to be like him, that she should be obedient, to do as she was told, and she’d be able to do what she wants to do. It would be all right, but she had to do such a thing. Nothing is as important as this, but she just had to devise such a scheme. 

“Whatever she asks me to do, I would do it? So, when she asked me to give Bao Junyan medicine, I should drug Bao Junyan. When she takes her words back and said she wouldn’t be giving those 20 million, she would only think of ways to make me run harder. Then, use me over and over again, until I no longer have any use!”

Mu Dongsheng, “…”

That’s really possible.


“Xiao Huan, in any case, everything has now come to this. Kexin can’t marry Bao Junyan, and you can only be Mrs. Bao, being used by your grandma. So, please help Dad along the way! I’m your father!” Mu Dongsheng once again emphasized his identity.

M Note: Talking to this kind of person is a waste of time ~~~

2 thoughts on “SWDP – Chapter 66: Is this blessing?”

  1. Sometimes you need to cut people off and out of your life, even if they’re family. There’s no redeeming her dad.

    Thanks for the update.


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