FMYM – Chapter 9: You think I have such low taste?

At the venue, before the host of the banquet has yet to arrive, Peng Jiao asked the teenager in a whisper: “What did you say to Bo Yuxin just now? No, don’t tell me you like Bo Yuxin, too?”

Peng Jiao was anxious to ask these questions, for she was just like everyone else at the scene earlier, she thinks that this teenager was taking advantage of Gu Zifan’s absence to create a world for Bo Yuxin and himself.

“Cousin, do you think my taste is so low?” The teenager gave her a sidelong glance, while a slight tickle lined his lips. 

He’s really identical to Gu Yuan Xi, but she just can’t figure it out. This Gu Yuan Xi before her, somehow exudes a restrained magnificence, that of a perfect sculpture, his beauty makes the heart go pitter-patter.

Peng Jiao was supposed to make fun of the shameless teenager, flaunting his beauty, but when she turned to the enchanting arc of his lips, she couldn’t refute him.

Coincidentally, a commotion surfaced at the entrance of the venue, so the teenager and Peng Jiao temporarily paused the topic. 

“The one in pink is Bo Jiazi, and the one in blue dress is Ming Ru.” After seeing the two women, who walked in slowly surrounded by many guests, Peng Jiao introduced them to the teenager dutifully.

That’s right, the task Peng Huimin gave her beforehand was to let the teenager familiarize himself with the people around his brother as soon as possible.

“Compared to Bo Yuxin, who was born on the side branch of the family, Bo Jiazi has a higher status in the Bo family. According to the investigation, the Bo family has only one girl of this generation, Bo Jiazi, who is very much favored by Father Bo! In the Bo group, her right to speak is much higher than her brothers. Gu Zifan and she have been in frequent contact recently. I even have some doubts as to whether Gu Zifan wants to use Bo Yuxin as a springboard to get close to Bo Jiazi and rely on Bo Jiazi to establish a connection with Ming Ru!”

“As for Ming Ru, she is Ming Yu’s sister. I found out that she and Bo Jiazi should be considered as a girlfriend … Gu Zifan and Bo Jiazi should also be building relationships with Ming Ru, so they can find an opportunity to contact Ming Yu.”

Listening to these boring characters, the teenager blinked his sour eyes.

In fact, she hasn’t taken a good rest since she got off the plane. Especially since she has yet to get over her jet lag …

Hearing no response from the teenager, Peng Jiao turned and saw him rubbing his weary eyes. 

His exhaustion distressed Peng Jiao a little bit.

“If you’re sleepy, you can get some coffee or something else over there. I’ll let you know when Ming Yu arrives!”

Compared to the identity of an illegitimate child, who rarely have the chance of attending an official banquet and like Gu Zifan, who can only employ other means to get in touch with Ming Yu, Peng Huimin’s route for Gu Yuanxi is more traditional and on track.

According to Peng Huimin’s plan, the teenager should meet Ming Yu here today and leave him with a relatively deep impression, to facilitate their in-depth friendship in the future.

At any rate, Ming Yu has not yet appeared, so Peng Jiao thinks that the teenager should not be pressured too rigidly. After all, the teenager is only 17 years old.

“Okay, then I’ll have something to drink. I’ll be right back……” The teenager, who has been given some freedom for the time being, revived in high spirits. Before he left, he winked mischievously at Peng Jiao.

And once again, Peng Jiao, who was smitten under the teenager’s spell, began to feel worried about her future.

It must be known, this is only the first day she had contact with the teenager and her liver has already been aflutter. Then for the days to come, wouldn’t there be a bloodbath?

But carrying out tasks under his hands seemed more motivating than the original.


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