FMYM – Chapter 10: Accidentally, bumping into a rotten affair

When the teenager came into the dessert area of the banquet, he heard a feminine voice not far away while sipping an alternative coffee: “Zifan, you can rest assured. When I see that spineless chicken later, I will help you out!”

The words “Zifan” and “chicken” made it easy for a teenager to connect them to herself … Oh no, it should be her brother Gu Yuan Xi.

Combing the people around, he saw the genuine lady of the Bo family, Bo Jiazi, that Peng Jiao introduced earlier. 

She was wearing a new Chanel pink dress collection. While her makeup was fresh, her face also had the sweetness of a young girl in love.

It seems that the results of Peng Jiao’s investigation were not at all wrong. The relationship between Bo Jiazi and Gu Zifan was indeed unusual.

“Well, Zifan, rest assured, I’ll be more careful!” When a response from the other side came, Bo Jiazi hung up the phone.

The teenager scanned her rosy cheeks and wasn’t able to retract her eyes in time. 

In the end, four eyes met after Bo Jiazi just stuffed her phone into her purse….

The moment their eyes met, clear disgust shot from Bo Jiazi’s eyes. 

“Gu Yuan Xi, you still have the guts to run here!” Before the teenager had time to retract his eyes, Bo Jiazi dashed towards him.

Facing Bo Jiazi, who has fried her hair up, the teenager smiled in amusement, “Why would I be scared to come here?”

“You broke Zifan’s legs. Now, he can only lie in bed for three months. How dare you ask me?”

Strange to say, the teenager must have found Bo Jiazi hilarious, he laughed: “He said that I broke his leg, but he could still stand on the plasters. I think his performance is too poor, so I just helped him.”

A stunning smile spread across the teenager’s face.

Even Bo Jiazi, in her rage, clearly felt that her mind got off track because of it. 

She got a grip on herself and wanted to expose this teenager, but then the teenager beat her to it: “Besides, this banquet was not organized by your family. For the Ming Family, visitors are all guests!”

Hosted by the Ming Family, what about it?

Based on her relationship with Ming Ru, even if she were to throw this coward out of here, the Ming family would never dare not touch her!

Bo Jiazi was trying to say this, but saw the teenager suddenly take out his hand that had been stuffed in his left pocket of his trousers.

His knuckles were white, his jaded hand that appears covered in gloss did not take out anything. However, she couldn’t point out what magic the teenager wielded, but after snapping his fingers, a flame sparkled at the tip of his fingertips, and after the flames faded, a beautiful rose appeared.

This series of unheralded moves from the teenager made his white figure akin to a mysterious magician. The hustle and bustle around them seemed to fade away at this moment, highlighting the noble elegance of the teenager.

Bo Jiazi felt as if a deer in her heart was ramming and wanted to take the rose in the teenager’s hand.

That’s, Bo Jiazi thought that this flower should be given to her. After all, the Bo family is second only to the Ming Family in Feicheng. As the young Miss of the Bo Family, she is sought after by many people.

Just like any young man sending a flower, at this moment, she automatically assumed that it was her the teenager was wanting to send flowers to….


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