TOCH – Chapter 401

Chapter 401: Extorting gifts from her

Fang Chixia winced and stared intently at him.

Catching a glimpse of the incoming call, Luo Yibei hesitated for a moment before picking it up.

His subtle move tipped Fang Chixia of who the caller was, even without looking at his phone screen.

Sure enough, Luo Yibei’s next line confirmed her guess.

“Ranran, what’s the matter?” Luo Yibei answered with a gentle voice.

“Have you had lunch? The chef at home has prepared a full table. Would you like to come over?” Su Ran’s mellow voice was indeed pleasant to the ears.

The villa was very quiet, so the voice of the two people was amplified. Fang Chixia could hear every word even at the kitchen door.

She has two plates in her hands. The plates consist of two freshly fried noodles, which were fair-selling, not even comparable to a side dish prepared by a professional chef in Su Ran’s home. It was completely embarrassing.

The lunch of the two people were identical to the gap in their identities, one in heaven and one on earth.

Fang Chixia has no intention of pleasing Luo Yibei. Naturally she’d never compare herself with Su Ran.

Su Ran’s invitation blew her for a second, but she snapped back to her senses quickly and walked past as if nothing has happened. 

Sitting down in her seat, she started her lunch unaffectedly.

Luo Yibei stared at her calmly, and in a surprise, directly rejected Su Ran, “No, I still have something to do, hang up first.”

He ended the call without waiting for Su Ran’s reply.

Jolting Fang Chixia into raising her face.

Luo Yibei kept his cool as he collected the other plate on the side and picked his own cutlery.

After swallowing two bites, he looked up to her and said coldly, “Actually, I like the food at home, better than a chef’s.”

Accentuating the words ‘at home.’

And banding Fang Chixia within his own family.

Whatever his family does is at home.

Fang Chixia’s eyes widened, obviously shocked, but still managed to recover herself in a flash.

Luo Yibei once again savored her cooking.

After cleaning his plate off, his eyes bore into her and released another sentence, “It was my birthday yesterday.”

“Oh.” Fang Chixia responded vaguely, having no idea why he was mentioning this topic all of a sudden.

Tell her now that his birthday is over!

Luo Yibei calmly stared at her for a while, then suddenly continued, “Doesn’t everyone prepare gifts for this occasion? Didn’t you prepare one for me?”

He was right to take it for granted. But it didn’t feel like reminding Fang Chixia, but rather extorting a gift from her.

“No.” This time, Fang Chixia didn’t even raise her head.

“No?” Luo Yibei seemed a little disappointed, as if in disbelief, he muttered to himself again, “No.”

She even prepared dinner for him. How could there be no present?

Fang Chixia ignored him and went on with her lunch. Luo Yibe lifted his cold face again, and then whispered, “That’s fine, find some later for me.”

“Why?” Fang Chixia was perturbed and questioned defiantly.  


3 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 401”

  1. Yeah she did prepared a birthday dinner for you but you’ve never show up…
    oh she has present for you but she change her mind not to give it to you …..
    Thanks for the update morex5 please


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