SWDP – Chapter 65: I’m your father!

“Save you? How can I save you?”

“Five million! You only need to give five million to your dad to save your dad! Otherwise, your dad will either be mutilated, or exiled by your grandma to the countryside. Xiao Huan, you must save your dad!” Mu Dongsheng begged pitifully.

“Five million?” Mu Huan laughed and wanted to cry. “If I have five million, will I come to this point? You and I are wanting five million!”

“You don’t have it, but Bao Junyan has! For him, five million is just a piece of cake, you just have to appeal cutely to him!” Of course, Mu Dongsheng knew she had no money.

“Just appeal cutely!”

“Uh-huh, you just need to act cutely!” Mu Dongsheng nodded again and again.

“What did you think Bao Junyan, a fool?” Just beg him and he’ll give her five million!

“An old man will become a fool when he meets a young girl. If Dad has a young girlfriend and she wants anything, Dad will do everything to give it to her. Not to mention, Bao Junyan is rich by himself. To him, five million is not even money!”

Mu Huan didn’t speak, just looked at him speechless.

“Xiao Huan, dad is just asking you to ask Bao Junyan for five million yuan, but didn’t you ask to go and earn five million yourself. Wouldn’t you even do this for your dad? I am your father!”

“Bao Junyan is so rich, such an amount is truly nothing to him!”

“No matter how rich he is, that’s his money. Why should I ask people for money and even for five million!”

“What’s the reason? He slept with a young girl like you, so what’s the matter with asking him five million. Did I raise such a big daughter for him to sleep in vain?”

“We are legal couples!” That is a husband and wife obligation!

“Look at you, you’re not young anymore, why are you so stupid? Why do you, a twenty-year-old girl marry a thirty-year-old man? For his money, of course! You married him, but don’t want his money, then what are you doing married to him? Pure marriage?”

“I married him and asked him for money, so what becomes of me? Would I be a woman who was sold?” Mu Huan’s pride and self-esteem only allowed her to marry a blind date in order to survive, and she would never allow herself to go as far as sleep with someone in exchange for money.

“Don’t say it as if it’s bad, you originally married Bao Junyan with the purpose of seeking benefits for the Mu family. Now, I’m just letting you ask him for five million for me! What’s wrong with that, what’s wrong with helping your dad?”

“How can it be the same?” Mu Dongsheng’s arguments chilled Mu Huan’s heart even more. She didn’t know what else to say, and could only repeat his words.

Not only knowing that it was a fire pit, a biological father, even pushed his daughter into it, and also wants to use her burning flesh to gain benefits for himself, what else can she say?

“Yeah! If I don’t let you do this, you still have to do those things for your grandma, and ask him for some money, really, this is just by in the passing!” Mu Dongsheng was certain that Mu Huan would not reject him. In any case, she can only be Mrs. Bao now, what’s wrong with asking money for her father?

Although Mu Huan has agreed with her grandmother’s demands, she never planned to help the Mu family by using Bao Junyan. Even if she had to do so, she would definitely find a way to neutralize and never owe anything from Bao Junyan.

Let alone ask for money directly from Bao Junyan.

“I won’t help you, don’t even think about it.” She didn’t want to say anything more to her father.

Seeing Mu Huan leaving, Mu Dongsheng grabbed her, “Xiao Huan, you must help Dad, you can’t ignore your Dad! Dad is your dear father!”

1 thought on “SWDP – Chapter 65: I’m your father!”

  1. A dad like you, I will rather pretend I don’t know you.
    Shameless! There isn’t one single good person in that Mu family. 😤

    Thanks for the update!


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