SWDP – Chapter 64

Chapter 64: You must save dad!

Mu Huan knew that she couldn’t completely anger Mrs. Mu, otherwise,  with her current ability, her recklessness would land her in hot water, she could not fight her at all.

She has to temper her hard and soft.

“Besides grandma, I know that you want Mu Kexin to marry Bao Junyan because of your baby grandson. Although I am not close to him, he is also my brother after all.  As long as grandma treats my grandma well. I can do more for him, much more than Mu Kexin will ever do.”

Whilst Mrs. Mu thinks that Mu Huan would never stand by her promise.


She’s on the same page as Mu Huan. Now, regardless of what chips she has on her hands, it’s impossible for Mu Kexin to marry Bao Junyan. So in the future, she has to use Mu Huan.

So even though she has second thoughts, she can only believe Mu Huan. She forced herself to calm down.

Mu Huan knew that she needed space to vent her anger and she withdrew.

That white delicate face, because of that mighty slap, was not red and swollen. 

“You’d better be true to your word, otherwise, don’t blame me for venting on your grandma! Even if you’re no longer a kid, if I want you to have nowhere to go, you’d wish you never lived!” Mrs. Mu warned heartlessly.

Mu Huan bowed her head, “I know.”

She uttered those ruthless words, but she just wanted her grandma to know the consequences of maltreating her grandmother, so that she’d realize that touching her grandma is counterproductive, and would never move her in light of such anger.

It’s not that she’s capable now, so she can vent her anger, she’d only end up suffering.

“On my birthday feast, you have to bring Bao Junyan, and you have to give me a priceless gift!” She’d have to resort to Bao Junyan to reclaim her face!


“Get out!” Mrs. Mu felt irritated the more she looked at Mu Huan.


After Mu Huan came out with a swollen face, Mu Dongsheng, who was waiting outside the door, immediately approached her anguishly, “My poor daughter, it must be painful!”

Mu Huan looked up at him.

Mu Dongsheng reached out his hand, and handed a candy in his palm. “Here, your favorite candy, it won’t hurt when you eat it.”

Mu Huan looked at the candy in his palm and her eyes suddenly turned red.

When she was young, whenever she fell, whenever she cried, her dad would bring her a candy, which cheered her up like magic.

Although she thought that her father sometimes was too submissive towards her grandma, she still thought that she had the best father in the world.

But now.

“Dad, just tell me what you want. Your fatherly love is too poor.” Now, he will show his fatherly love only when he needs something from her.

Sometimes when she looks at him, she wants to ask how he turned out this way. When she was a kid, he treated her so well and loved her so much, and said that she was his favorite baby, his little princess.

Did he treat her well when she was a kid at her grandma’s behest?

But every time, she held back, not willing to destroy the only happiness she had as a child.

After all, she only has a few happy memories during her existence.

It seems that embarrassment was absent in Mu Dongsheng dictionary. Every time his mask is torn apart by Mu Huan, he would regroup breezily, then reveal his true sincerity, “Xiao Huan, you must save dad! If you don’t save dad, dad has no way to live! ”


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