SWDP – Chapter 63

Chapter 63: How did you know

Mu Huan’s eyes turned glacial.

As Mrs. Mu raised her hand for a second slap, Mu Huan struck and grabbed Mrs. Mu’s wrists while her eyes flashed fiercely, “Grandma, if an old lady like you wants respect, better conduct yourself with dignity!”

“Why, you still want to hit me? Then you do it!” Mrs. Mu challenged sternly.

“Grandma must be joking, don’t’ go too far!”

“Mu Huan, it’s you who have gone too far! I’ve never hit you with a hard hand for being my granddaughter, but you just can’t tell good from bad, damn you!” If it weren’t for the fact that Mu Huan is still useful, Mrs. Mu would have had her killed.

Mu Huan froze.

“Did you really think you’d be fine after sending those videos and photos to Mu Weiguo? I just got him drunk and he confessed everything!” Mrs. Mu found out that those videos and photos were from Mu Weiguo. Later, she felt that that sort of scheme against Bai Xuexian was beyond Mu Weiguo’s intelligence. She took advantage of his weakness when it comes to good wine, let people take a bottle of good wine and chatted with him, and he spilled everything.

Mu Huan’s eyes flickered. It turned out that she was found out, no wonder she is livid. 

Although she expected her grandmother’s doubt, it is a surprise that she found out that everything was all her doing so quickly, but, “So what if grandma knows?”

“You…!” Mrs. Mu was winded for a moment.

“Grandma, although I don’t know what chips you have in your hands, which assured you that Mu Kexin could marry Bao Junyan, now I know that no matter what kind of chips you have, it’s impossible for Mu Kexin to marry Bao Junyan.”

Mu Kexin couldn’t marry, so grandma had to keep her.

“You wretched evil creature!” Mrs. Mu berated furiously. 

“If I am a wretched creature, what makes grandma?” Mu Huan mocked.

Mrs. Mu was on the verge of exploding, she roared, “Come here! Somebody!”

“What is grandma calling someone for, do you want someone to beat me?”

“I’m going to beat you this evil creature till you’re half-dead today! Let me teach you what it means to be afraid!”

“Does grandma think that I am still young and weak and could only be abused by anyone?” Mu Huan sneered.

“Mu Huan, don’t forget, your grandma is still in my hands!”

“I haven’t forgotten, that’s why I am here, because my grandma is still alive. This is the only reason I’m still willing to talk to you. If anything were to happen to my grandma, what do you think I would do?”


“Through Bai Xuexian’s scandal, didn’t grandma realize anything? I’m not a kid anymore. Whoever dares to touch my grandmother, whoever dares to move first, I’ll pay back fifteen times even more ruthlessly!”

“So grandma, don’t keep thinking about how to make my grandmother miserable. Better think about making my grandma recover and let her live a long life. This way, you’ll always have a grasp of my weakness and keep using me. Don’t tell me you have no use for me otherwise. Or else, I will ruin the Mu family’s sharpest knife! The Mu family property you value most, your precious grandson, I will destroy them all!”

“Mu Huan!” Mrs. Mu screamed furiously.

This moment, she finally realized that the girl in front of her was no longer the ten-year-old girl, who could only cry and beg when she was beaten and threatened.

“Grandma, what I’m trying to say is that, if you want to keep your home and your grandson, then let my grandma be treated! Don’t take her out and threaten me! Of course, I will do whatever you ask me to do.”


2 thoughts on “SWDP – Chapter 63”

  1. It’s about time she started fighting back instead of acting like she’s a meek little lamb that others can walk all over


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