SWDP – Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Can’t hold back

Mu Huan let go of Bao Junyan the moment she heard those curses drifting away.

Bao Junyan looked down at her, the serenity and darkness deep in his eyes were hard to fathom.

“That … that I …” Subsequently, Mu Huan forced herself to calm down, “I forgot to ask what flavor of ice cream you like so I ran back. When I was running back … I saw you standing there … then … So handsome … I … I just didn’t hold back … “

Bao Junyan didn’t speak, just looked at her.

Which made Mu Huan’s scalp tingle.

She can’t tell with him staring at her intently if he noticed the anomaly or not.

“I’m sorry … I … you … if you don’t like it …”

“I … I will never do this again … I’m sorry …” Mu Huan lowered her head and let go of him, trying to distance herself away from him.

Unexpectedly, the moment she stepped back.

She was buckled by a powerful big hand and squeezed into his arms.

Bumping into his ripped chest made Mu Huan’s heart flutter.

The man’s other big hand lifted her chin, forcing her to raise her head and look directly at him.

Facing his deep black eyes, Mu Huan became even more nervous. “Husband, I …”

He still said nothing and just stared at her.

Just when Mu Huan was beset by tension.

“Since you want to kiss, kiss properly.” He lowered his head and captured her red lips.

Transform Mu Huan’s feathery kiss into a hot French deep kiss.


The bully ran a long distance without catching up with Mu Huan. Thinking that she couldn’t possibly run that fast, leaving not even her shadow, the bully backtracked with a few others and found this picture. But because Mu Huan was completely enveloped by Bao Junyan’s tall body, the bully merely thought of them as a young couple who couldn’t resist making out.

He cursed and left.

Their curses jolted Bao Junyan back to his senses, realizing where they were.

“Let’s go home.” His voice was deeper than usual.

Mu Huan blushed.

Her pink cheeks compelled Bao Junyan into wishing they were home.

The next day, Mu Huan concluded from two experiences that she should deal with her big shrewd pig trotters, just by kissing him.

However, such physical exhaustion cannot be exploited frequently.

She should be more careful in the future!

Having had enough food and drink, she got ready to go and make more money. Prior to that, Mu Huan received a call from Mrs. Mu, who asked her to return to Mu’s house.

Mu Huan told Li Meng to wait and went to Mu’s house first.

As soon as she entered the door, she felt the ultra-low pressure of Mu’s house, her mouth slightly hooked, and she walked in happily.

When she went it, Mrs. Mu was sitting on the main seat with her eyes closed while twisting a string of beads in her hands.

Mu Huan thought it useless for her grandmother to fast, pray to Buddha, burn incense, and kowtow. Because the evil deeds of her black heart were beyond forgiveness.

Hearing the footsteps, Mrs. Mu opened her eyes, astute eyes that had gone through all the weather and frost.

Mu Huan opened, “Grandma asked me to come back, are you going to pay me the ten million yuan first?”

Give her 20 million, so she can drug Bao Junyan?

Come on! Give her money!

All of a sudden, Mrs. Mu stood up and walked towards Mu Huan, “I’ll pay you ten million?”

“Isn’t this what Grandma said before, give me ten million first as long as I agree? Why don’t you talk now?” Mu Huan raised an eyebrow.

The next second.

Mrs. Mu slapped her in the face, and Mu Huan’s lips immediately started bleeding.


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