FMYM – Chapter 8

Chapter 8:  You’re so coy, you should be able to put up a brothel

 Talk of the devil and he’ll appear!

Just when Gu Yuan Xi and Peng Jiao were talking about Bo Yuxin, the woman approached them.

17-year-old Bo Yuxin, like Gu Yuan Xi, was wearing a tight white dress with a tube top; the close-fitting design revealing her green and seductive lines.

The girl’s palm-sized face with big eyes and a pair of dark pupils smiled at the teenager: “Yuan Xi, you came to attend the banquet? I thought, tonight, it would be Zifan gege!”

Her sweet voice and meekness is what most attract boys of the same age.

And so, her teenage brother was planted in her hands and resorted into doing horrible things just so he could reclaim her.

Unfortunately, all these will change. Because the teenager is not her brother, her gender determines that it’s inconceivable for her to like this white lotus of Bo Yuxin. 

“It seems that you have not contacted that little punk so you have no idea that he was beaten to the hospital by me.” The sudden curl on the teenager’s lips and the calmness between his brows, was something Bo Yuxin has never seen. 

“No … that’s impossible!” Not knowing whether she was scared by the calmness of the teenager, or couldn’t accept his claim, in a short, Bo Yuxin’s face paled instantly.

And the teenager’s passionate peach-eyes also captured this.

“Did you think I should be in a morgue and couldn’t hit him?” When the teenager asked, his tone was very light. The bright light that fell on his profile added a sultry glow on his eyebrows.

But every word he said was like a knife, stabbing Bo Yuxin’s heart and even her soul.

Against this backdrop, the teenager grinned, making him look warm, while everything around faded out.

But at the same time, the boy got close to Bo Yuxin’s ear.

In the eyes of outsiders, the intimacy between the teenager and Bo Yuxin is extremely suggestive. Coupled with the warm smile on the teenager’s face, people would conclude that Gu Shao is again pursuing Bo Yuxin.

Only Bo Yuxin knew that the smile on the teenager’s face was nothing charming in the least. 

Even after the teenager finished his  speech, Bo Yuxin remained immersed in the fear that the teenager brought to her just now.

In the meanwhile, the teenager never looked back, and officially led Peng Jiao into the venue.

It was not until the teenager’s figure disappeared from sight that Bo Yuxin grabbed ahold of herself. 

But at this point, her face was totally pale,of which can’t be masked by her makeup. 

Because her mind kept echoing the warning the teenager just whispered in her ears–

“Bo Yuxin, I’ll take back what you and Gu Zifan joined forces to take away from me.” 

“Similarly, Gu Zifan claimed that I beat him and broke his leg, so I beat broke his leg and sent him to the hospital. What about you? You are so coy, you should be able to put up a brothel… Oh, no, should it be a bar?”

If it was said that the former Gu Yuan Xi, when jointly trampled under Bo Yuxin and Gu Zifan feet, he would have exhibited his ugliness right away; then, the temperament of today’s Gu Yuan Xi has risen to an exceptional level. 

This is exactly the nobility from the blood of the Peng Family that can never be imitated. 

With such extraordinary temperament, Gu Yuan Xi drove Bo Yuxin, who had teased him countless times before, into a panic. Somehow, a hunch arose that what Gu Yuan Xi has said today would happen …


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