SWDP – Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Confirmed the look

All of a sudden, Mu Huan sniffed a scent.

“It’s Beggar’s chicken! Beggar’s chicken is super delicious! The boss is very obstinate, when he wants to sell in his stall, it would always get sold out. Since last year, he has opened his stall less and less, and the opportunity to eat his craft is rare. Let’s go buy one! “Mu Huan excitedly dragged Bao Junyan to buy something called beggar’s chicken.

Bao Junyan, “…”

Haven’t they just finished eating?

“Hurry up! If we are late, we will not only have to wait in line, but maybe there will be no more!” Mu Huan started sprinting dragging Bao Junyan behind.

Bao Junyan looked at her like a running young athlete, and was a bit surprised. Her physical strength and speed don’t look like someone who has just started training.

When Mu Huan and Bao Junyan arrived, there was only one person in front of Beggar’s chicken stall. The scent just now was leaked when the boss lifted the lid to give the customer his beggar’s chicken. The customer is the first and Mu Huan is the second.

“Husband, this stall is so delicious. Would you like some?”

“Yes.” Bao Junyan is amazed every time she talks about food, her small face brightens up, driving him into involuntarily wanting to taste what she is talking about.

“Then that would be two!” Mu Huan can swallow one each time, so no one is allowed to share her food.

“We just finished eating,” Bao Junyan reminded.

“Hot pot food can’t fill hunger, but this beggar’s chicken is stodgy. When we get home, our food would have almost been digested, just in time for eating.”

The short time Mu Huan and Bao Junyan spent talking was the only while it took for a long line to form behind them.

“I told you there would be this line if we were late!” Mu Huan proudly boasted.

Bao Junyan’s lips curved up watching her boasting.

After buying the so called Beggar’s chicken, Mu Huan recalled a shop selling yummy ice cream around, but there must also be a lot of people queuing at this time, and she was afraid of letting Bao Junyan queue with her.

Beggar’s chicken

Just as she thought that she wouldn’t be eating, a call came for Bao Junyan. It sounded like an important business deal and would take a while to finish.

So she immediately excused herself happily to Bao Junyan and went to the line up for an ice cream.

While queuing, Mu Huan heard a commotion and instinctively turned to look at it.

This turn was a terrible impulse!

The leader, who caused the commotion, is a crook and bully, whom Mu Huan had offended while doing a case.

When she turned to look, the big bully just happened to step forward for a closer look, confirming that the person before his eyes was indeed the nemesis he’s been long searching for.

The big bully immediately rushed with a bunch of younger brothers.

Seeing them, Mu Huan turned and ran!

She just ran a few steps, when she turned back again, because she remembered that Bao Junyan was still waiting for her over there. If she runs away just like that, she would not be able to explain to him.

When the big bully saw her running back, he thought she was going to fight with them so he picked up a rod on the side and swung it.

Mu Huan avoided the rod and ran towards the side of an alley, deciding to go round to find Bao Junyan.

The big bully immediately shouted as he saw her slipping away, “Follow her! Catch that woman! Kill her!”

The group chased after her down the alley.

Mu Huan ran towards Bao Junyan panting. When Bao Junyan ended the call and saw that she was dripping with sweat, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I …” The moment Mu Huan opened her mouth, she heard a curse.

Thinking of that group of people, who are about to catch up with her, she pulled Bao Junyan’s hand firmly and dragged him into a dark alley. Before Bao Junyan could say anything, she lifted her toes, wound her arms around his neck and kissed him. 

The tall man was dumbstruck.

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂
    I can’t imagine how he’s feeling and what’s going through his head right now.

    Thanks for the update!


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