MYVD – Chapter 4.3

Half an hour later, he massaged his wrists and said in understatement, “Let’s go back.”

The youth immediately walked ahead, respectfully.

Cheng Juan Ye of the Cheng Family, the devil incarnate of the Imperial capital. 

He started his business at the age of sixteen, and left half of the company to his sister. Now the company is one of the top five domestic companies.

When he was seventeen, he suddenly had a whim to study robots with a group of people. Now robots were displayed in the International Exhibition Hall.

When he was eighteen, he once again went gallivanting as a young police officer.


At age 21, he became the chief surgeon of the Second Hospital in the Imperial capital.

He was unlike any surgeons as his surgeries were scheduled only once a month, but these surgeries are beyond priceless.

There was no other reason, just because his hands are reputed to be the, “The hands of God”.

Right now, he wasn’t at the Imperial Capital playing the godly doctor he is, but has come to an ordinary school to be a school doctor. It’s just that he’s a unique doctor among other school doctors because he brought an assistant. 

Every work is done by his assistant.

He’s obviously a descendant of the aristocracy, but in the end, he neither joined the army, nor politics,  nor business. He hung his name at a foreign university abroad, but didn’t go to class.

In contrast with other wealthy family children, he seems to have gone too far ahead.

Bias, everyone is afraid of mentioning this young master in the imperial capital.

Plus he is the grandson of the old master of the Cheng Family, and has been pampered by the old man.

People in the imperial capital including the other members of the Cheng Family couldn’t understand how the old man, who has been strict all his life, ended up spoiling such an unmotivated son.


The door to the clinic was slammed closed. 

The girl holding two boxes of medicine stood in place, unable to process what just happened. 

After a while, when the black clad figure was no longer visible, she awoke with a ‘hiss’ and covered her face.

It hurts!



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