EP – Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Mr. Perfect’s tricks 666   

Xicheng did not laugh, and instead replied solemnly: “I believe you will succeed.”                             

Talented, willing to work hard, not eager for quick success … How can such a person not succeed?

“Then I’ll borrow your good words. When that happens, I will invite you to dinner.” Ning Xiaofei laughed.

“Miss Ning, which neighborhood do you live in.”

In the front seat, Xu Yang asked politely.

Ning Xiaofei looked out the window. “Pull over on the side.”

Xicheng is such a big squid, if anyone recognizes him, there’d be trouble again. So she’ll just walk the distance.

Xu Yang pulled over, and Ning Xiaofei reached out to open the door on her side, but Xicheng held her by the arm.

“This side, it’s too risky over there.”

Having said that, Xicheng pushed the door open and got out of the car, and Ning Xiaofei followed him and got out of the car.

Because it was not noticeable in the dark, the side of the car was parked at the entrance of the sewer junction. Ning Xiaofei stepped out on her leather shoes and one of the short heels got stuck exactly in between a crack in the sewer fence. She staggered.

Xicheng hurriedly moved a step and grabbed her arm.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Ning Xiaofei straightened from his hand, looked at the heels on her feet, and shook her head in dismay.

Sure enough, it’s not easy for women to look beautiful. These shoes are stylish, but a pain on the feet.

“Thank you for the dinner tonight.” Smiling at him, Ning Xiaofei waved her hands at Xu Yang in the car. “Bye to the both of you.”

Standing at the side of the car, Xicheng stared at Ning Xiaofei’s distant figure, frowned, and suddenly strode over again.


Ning Xiaofei stopped in doubt, “Is there anything else?”

The man didn’t speak, just took off his thin silver gray trench coat and draped it over her shoulders.

“Put on this, don’t catch a cold.”

“No need!” Ning Xiaofei quickly shook his trench coat off, “I’ll be home soon …”

When she took off the coat, the man had already strode back to the car and sat in the back seat, and hurriedly ordered Xu Yang to drive.


Xu Yang saw Ning Xiaofei trailing back and quickly waved to her. The man in the back seat urged once again.

“Hurry up, what are you doing!”

Retrieving his palm, Xu Yang quickly started the car and drove to the driveway. Xicheng waved his hand to Ning Xiaofei outside the window.


The coat was left hanging on Ning Xiaofei’s hand, “Your coat!”

“Give it back to me next time!” The man extended his hand to the window and then leaned back into the seat with a smile.

On the front seat, Xu Yang spluttered.

Never has he known, this Mr. Perfect could have fun slipping away in this manner!

Then next time, he can see someone under the pretext of taking back his coat.

Xicheng stared at him from the back.

“What are you laughing at!”

Of course, Xu Yang didn’t dare to expose his tricks, but could only grin back. 



Ning Xiaofei clasped the Xicheng’s windbreaker and stared helplessly at the distant car.

Where was she to hide such a huge piece of clothing, if Mu Tianye were to see it, wouldn’t she turned into a pulp at once?

Throw it?

She lifted the collar and looked at the logo on it, and immediately dispelled the idea.

This coat must be worth at least five digits. It would be a pity to throw it away, and in case he would ask for it to be returned, she couldn’t lose it.                                  

This Xicheng, why was he such a gentleman!

As soon as she ran back to the community with the trench coat, and took the elevator to go upstairs, Ning Xiaofei couldn’t come up with a proper way to dispose of it. 

Taking out the key and opening the apartment door, she scanned the shoe cabinet in the hallway and hid the coat behind her, then raised her voice.                  

“Husband? Husband!” 

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