SWPF – Chapter 59

Chapter 59: I won’t turn my back on you

“I’ll pretend I can’t understand what you’re saying! Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing.” Lu Xingzhi obediently sat down on the sofa.

“But you do understand.” Huo Jinchen smiled with the irresistible smile. His fiancee is truly a treasure.

Even her way of avoiding the problem is cute.

“I’m afraid it’s you who will be embarrassed. What if you’re going to smile at others in the future, isn’t that slapping your own face?” Lu Xingzhi picked a few strawberries on the coffee table.

“You’re right. However, I’ll be over the moon if …” Huo Jinchen raised a brow and looked at Lu Xingzhi, then stopped.

“Huh?” Lu Xingzhi looked at him inquisitively.

“You will know.”

“Actually, I don’t want to know that much. But you’ve said half of it. If I show no curiosity, it  would be disrespectful to you.” Lu Xingzhi didn’t hide her thoughts at all.

Huo Jinchen: “…”

This topic terminator!

Noticing a maid in the corner chuckling at their conversation, Huo Jinchen gave her a cold glance. The maid stood up obediently, and left with great eyesight.

Their madam is really cute.

Only Huo Jinchen and Lu Xingzhi remained in the hall.

The atmosphere was really awkward, so Lu Xingzhi licked her lips.

“I suddenly wanted to eat ice cream.”

Huo Jinchen stood up helplessly, “I’ll get you one.”

“Thank you!” Lu Xingzhi didn’t refuse.

“I thought you would be polite.”

“Did I not say thank you?”

Huo Jinchen: “…”

Why does he feel that he and Lu Xingzhi are not on the same channel?

Forget it, he has brought her home.

He’ll never return her!

“This ice cream is delicious!” Since Huo Jinchen brought her in the house, the happiest thing for her was eating a lot of delicious food.

“Is it really delicious?” Huo Jinchen was delighted seeing her happily eating.

“It’s delicious.”

“Let me taste it too.”

Lu Xingzhi thought he wanted a taste of the ice cream in her hand, but Huo Jinchen extended a slender index finger and wiped the smudge of ice cream from her lips, and sent it to his mouth.

Then he confirmed with great pleasure, “It really does taste good.”

Lu Xingzhi forgot to swallow the ice cream in her mouth. It melted totally before she snapped to her senses and swallowed it.

“It’s got my saliva in it.”


“And some bacteria.”

“I won’t turn my back on you.”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

After circling for a while, she said, “Are you kidding me?”

“Did I finally get you?”

“If you are asking me, how should I answer? If I said no, wouldn’t I hurt your feelings.” Lu Xingzhi sipped another spoonful of ice cream into her mouth.

“So what? Did I get you?” Huo Jinchen actually doesn’t really care if she found him funny. 

“Don’t ask, otherwise I will be shy.”

“I can’t see you shy.”

Lu Xingzhi looked at him strangely, “Don’t you feel embarrassed asking me openly like this?”

“Okay okay okay, you are shy.” Huo Jinchen rubbed her head. “Don’t eat too much ice cream, it’s bad for your health.”


Seeing him looking at her, Lu Xingzhi passed the ice cream, “Do you still want to eat my ice cream?”

Huo Jinchen shook his head. He didn’t want ice cream.

It’s her he wants to eat.

Earlier, if it weren’t for the fact that he was afraid of scaring her, he would have licked the ice cream directly from her lips.

3 thoughts on “SWPF – Chapter 59”

    1. Right, they are so cute. Guess he’s afraid of scaring her, maybe when she goes ‘mushroom’ again before we get another kiss.


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