MYVD – Chapter 4.2

Night, at First Middle School. 

At the school medical clinic, the light was softly lit. 

A girl was sitting across the doctor while sullenly covering the left side of her face. 

“Painkillers plus metronidazole can only relieve toothache. Better go to the hospital tomorrow.” The young man speaking was sitting on the opposite. He took out two boxes of medicine and wrote a prescription for the girl. “I’ll write you a prescription and ask your class teacher for a leave tomorrow.”

Under the light, the luster reflected from the stud in his left ear was bright and cold.

The young man’s features were  beautiful and delicate. His hair was sultry with a few strands dyed in silver. 

“Thank you.” The girl swiped her school card and looked at him gratefully, but because of her toothache, it came out depressed. 

The young man waved his hand and said it was all right. He dropped his pen and swiveled around to look at the man behind him, “Juan ye.”

The girl turned sideways and at the corner of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of a figure at the sofa in the corner. 

With a hand on the side of the sofa, his fingers were hanging heedlessly, revealing clear and slender joints.

A very artistic hand. 

The young man touched his ear stud and whispered, “It’s eight o’clock.”

 “Is this mission difficult?”

Chen Juan hasn’t been sleeping much lately doing some secret tasks. His perfunctory answer was tinged with sleepiness, “Find Jiang Dongye.”

The rest were not explained. His movements have always been mysterious and even the old master of the Cheng Family wasn’t clear, so the young man didn’t ask much. 

He stood up with his hands on the side of the sofa.

Wearing a black shirt with his cuffs rolled up, exposing half of his wrists.

The slightly raised tail of his eyes appeared cold, but arcs were absolutely mesmerizing. They glittered even when he wasn’t smiling.

Like a rose at dawn. 


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