LLW – Chapter 190

Chapter 190: You have to compensate me with a lady 5

The sun rose brightly. In the morning, the three maids went to Feng Chuge’s room.

“Miss … still hasn’t gotten up yet?”

“Miss, time is running out. It’s time for class …”

“Miss … Miss …”

A few calls bore no fruit, the maids exchanged glances and walked into the room one after the other.

Inside the room, Feng Chuge was buried in her quilt, sound asleep.

The maids raised their eyebrows in surprise, the Miss had never overslept before.

Luzhu exclaimed suddenly, “Miss, are you unwell?”

The Miss was injured the day before yesterday, but her old injury has not recurred.

Feng Chuge finally opened her eyes groggily.

But once she opened her eyes, the exhaustion and fatigue in the corner of her eyes caught her maids off guard.

“Miss, what’s wrong with you?”

 Feng Chuge shook her head and got up. “Nothing, I didn’t sleep well.”

“Why didn’t you sleep well? Did you have a nightmare?”

Feng Chuge’s mouth set in a hard line.

Yeah … nightmares.

In fact, as someone has prompted last night, she did dream….

The changes on Feng Chuge’s face were all too clear before her maids.

Seeing her unnerved, they only assumed that she must have really had a terrible nightmare.

“Miss, it’s all right, it’s just a dream.”

Feng Chuge gradually relaxed. She scanned the room, but didn’t see Meatball as usual.

“Did you see Meatball?”

“When we first came in, I saw him lying on his tummy …”

Feng Chuge got up, pushed out the door after washing, and really saw the Meatball lying on the threshold.

Feng Chuge hasn’t seen him since nodding off last night. Now, it looks like this little kitten has slept frozen outside all night, his nose was a little red.

His original white shiny fur also seemed to have faded because of freezing overnight.

Seeing Feng Chuge coming out, Meatball turned his head and screamed “Meow” weakly.

His blue eyes were faintly radiant, but looking at his whole figure, he was rather pitiful.

Although it was not winter, the temperature outside at night was still relatively low.

Looking at the reddish tip of Meatball’s, Feng Chuge felt a bit distressed.

Feng Chuge stepped forward and gathered him up, “Now you know you’re wrong, huh?”

Meatball could not resist digging into Feng Chuge’s arms.

“Why didn’t you think about it when colluding with outsiders before?”

Meatball, who lay contentedly in Feng Chuge’s arms, shivered violently.

Fear was evident deep in his eyes….

Whoohoo … it’s not that he didn’t think much, but that the man’s momentum was too extreme.

On that person, there was a breath that evokes fear and worship from everything, so that every time he sees him, an inexplicable fear churns deep in his bones.

What’s more, that feeling was exactly the same as when he sees that little devil!

With Meatball shivering, Feng Chuge went soft, thinking she had scared him.

Coupled with his icy body at this moment, Feng Chuge finally relented.

She sighed softly.

“All right, I forgive you, I can’t blame you, it must be that that man did something to you …”

Feng Chuge gritted her teeth right after, her eyes flashing with resentment …

Di Jue Chen certainly must have scared Meatball. Otherwise, how can a well-behaved cat like Meat ball betray her …

Meatball blinked teary at Feng Chuge, his face was all sullen, and finally, he lay down and closed his eyes safely in Feng Chuge’s arms …

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