FMYM – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Handsome, do you have fun like this?

“Hey, hello. Glad to be able to meet you again!” The disdain reflecting on the man’s face was consistently ignored by the teenager.

She grinned, seemingly personable: “Are you here to attend the party?”

In an unfamiliar city, it’s always an advice to know more friends. 

Of course, the teenager doesn’t deny that she is a member of the good-looks club. It’s rare to see such a high-quality man with a face exquisitely carved and a majestic temperament, so she wanted to know more about him. 

But obviously, their thoughts are poles apart. 

Hearing her greeting, the man simply replied, “If it’s possible, like you, can you help me find an elevated spot here, where it’s convenient to pee further?”

He’s smiling. But the frosty aura that he’s emitting made the teenager think of entering an ice cellar at once. 

The teenager knows that the man is countering her “Stand tall, pee far” at the bathroom entrance this afternoon!

Nevertheless, the teenager merely folded her cuff links. A perfect face reflected in the mirror was filled with laughter, seemingly oblivious to the man’s cynicism.

“Handsome guy, do you have fun playing like this?” Although the teenager lived in country M all year round, a formidable group of netizens in China can’t withstand her. Her standard Mandarin and humorous pickup lines were taught by them.

The teenager who tried to make friends by teasing a high-quality man was unexpectedly rebuffed with a cold note: “Who wants to have fun with you?”

His majesty spoke, finished his business and left the bathroom. 

Only the depressed teenager, who was left behind, grimaced and muttered: “Such a high-quality man, why is your temper so bad?”

If someone were in the bathroom this time, he would have definitely been amused by the teenager’s depression.

It’s a pity that the teenager herself didn’t know that she has just teased Ming Yu, the one at the helm of the Kangcheng Project again!


After the teenager came out of the bathroom, Peng Jiao, who was already waiting nearby, approached her.

Her hand politely rested in the arm of the teenager.

That’s right, Peng Jiao is not only the person who is assisting her, but also her companion to this dinner.

But now, she has a more important role.

“Yuan Xi, you came just in time. That girl wearing a tube top white dress not far away is Bo Yuxin.” Peng Jiao lowered her voice and used a volume audible only to the two of them, gesturing at the girl in question.

“Bo Yuxin?” The teenager frowned when she heard the name.

If she remembers correctly, Peng Huimin has mentioned this name to her. This Bo Yuxin should have dated her brother Gu Yuan Xi before. But later, Gu Zifan pried the corner.

At present, Bo Yuxin is Gu Zifan’s girlfriend and they are rumored to have reached the point of getting engaged.

What bothered the teenager the most was the information Peng Huimin got that Bo Yuxin often accompanied Gu Zifan to stimulate her brother. It can be said that Gu Yuan Xi’s fall from the upper class society of Feicheng was mainly due to these two people, who incited him into doing many extraordinary things.

“A white lotus!” After sizing up the girl in the direction Peng Jiao said, the teenager smiled hazily.

“You know what a white lotus is?” Peng Jiao showed a little surprise. After all, this is a high-end manner in which people in China are running on the bank these days. 

“I know green tea, too!” The teenager responded to Peng Jiao with a candid smile.

Peng Jiao was amused and shook her head helplessly.


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