EP – Chapter 210

Chapter 210: What if it comes true

Xicheng spared no effort to end the discussion, “I’m going to the bathroom. Xu Yang, take Xiao Fei to the car first.”

Ning Xiaofei watched his figure disappear at the corner of the corridor and had to go downstairs with Xu Yang.

On the way downstairs, Ning Xiaofei asked inquisitively: “Assistant Xu, Xicheng … is he really going to stop investigating Pei Ruoxi?”

With his temper, his willingness to let go of Pei Ruoxi was quite abnormal.

Xu Yang sighed, “Hey, you don’t know, sir was so angry when he knew the truth, and he really regretted scolding you. He actually repented. Director Ji knelt on the ground and begged him, plus Director Ji is acquainted with his sister, so sir has to give up.”

In spite of everything, since he was given a chance, of course, he had to say something good for his own family. Afraid that Ning Xiaofei would be unhappy knowing that Xicheng would let Pei Ruoxi off, he told her of Ji Mo’s efforts.

Ning Xiaofei immediately frowned.

This time, Ji Mo actually kneeled for Pei Ruoxi?

“So, don’t be mad with the boss. If it were not for this, he would never let Pei Ruoxi off.”

Ning Xiaofei nodded. “It’s good to know the truth. Okay, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first. If there’s anything wrong with Xicheng, please call me later.”

“Don’t!” Xu Yang immediately stopped her, and asked pleadingly. “If you leave, he’ll scold me again. I beg you, just get in the car, please?”

Then, he pushed her into the car.

A moment later, Xicheng came out. Since she could no longer refuse, she moved inward and sat on the other side of the seat.

Xu Yang helped close the door and immediately trotted to the driver’s seat to start the car.

“Ning Xiaofei, where do you live?”

“Just send me near Lanting’s apartment.”

When Xu Yang started the car, Ning Xiaofei turned to look at Xicheng. “You said something about business, what is it?”

“My sister just took over a media company and needs staff urgently. She appreciated you very much, so she wanted me to help her pull strings to dig you over to her.”

She suffered such a grievance, so of course Xicheng wanted to compensate her. As long as she says the word, she is free to choose the position she likes. She no longer needs to work as a small intern for Ji Mo.

The moment Ning Xiaofei heard his words, she guessed immediately what he had in mind. She laughed softly and said, “Xicheng, you are really not good at lying. Thank you for your kindness, though … Sorry, I can only refuse you.”

Relying on networks or starting off at a high point can not help her for a lifetime. To be truly recognized by others, and ultimately rely on her own strength will allow her to sleep soundly.

Xicheng nodded. He had made his debut under the same stage name for the same reason, so he could understand her concerns.

“To be honest, I really have to be optimistic about your talents before recommending you.”

Ning Xiaofei smirked, “Of course, now sitting in front of you, is a future anchor!”

“You want to be the host?”

“My goal is to be China’s Oprah.” She smiled and blinked at Xicheng, “Did I scare you at last?! It’s a dream anyway, isn’t there a famous proverb, dreams are always there. What if they come true?”

She said so in jest, but also with conviction. 

Her dream is not to be a beautiful vase host, but to have her own section, to be a real TV personality.        



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