SWPF – Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Stuck in his smile

“Okay.” Naturally, he has to satisfy such a simple request. “Do you want to eat at noon or in the evening?”

“How about noon? I’m going to eat less at night. I feel like I’ve grown fat. The waist has thickened.” Lu Xingzhi pinched her waist and was very worried that if she went on, she’d turn into a fat woman in no time.

“Really? Let me touch.” Huo Jinchen’s hand was naturally placed on Lu Xingzhi’s soft thin waist, and squeezed gently, “It’s thin, not thick at all. Don’t worry about eating!”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

Isn’t he really eating her tofu?

Gently glancing at Huo Jinchen and seeing that he looked innocent and a gentleman, she concluded that it was her who was thinking too much.

She is beautiful, but not beautiful enough.

Definitely not. In normal times, didn’t Huo Jinchen also hold her hand and hug her?

“In two days time, I’ll be attending a party. Would you like to accompany me?” In fact, Huo Jinchen isn’t a gentleman as he appears. At this age, he only touched Lu Xingzhi’s waist, but it would be unlikely that he’d tell her.

“Attending a party? Do you want me to wear a dress?” Lu Xingzhi was a little surprised, but thought it reasonable.

Although, she would be restless on such an occasion.

“Wear it.”

“But I don’t.  Is it necessary to bring a female companion?” If there’s no need for a date, then there’s no need for her to go!

“It is.”  Huo Jinchen has seen through her mind and answered deliberately.


Huo Jinchen interrupted her in good time, “No. Other women are not qualified to accompany me to the party.”

“How do you know what I’m going to say?” Lu Xingzhi was stunned, she hadn’t even spoken yet!

Could it be that Huo Jinchen has a pair of eyes that could read minds?

“Can’t guess it?” Huo Jinchen’s obsidian eyes were brimming with colors, like magic, constantly sucking souls.

Lu Xingzhi stared at him dumbly, “I can’t guess it.”

“Haha …” Huo Jinchen was amused by her cuteness. He really has the making of a god. His smile is more like a hundred flowers blooming in a row and falling on each other competing for beauty.

“Don’t smile,” Lu Xingzhi blurted out of the blue.

“Why?” Huo Jinchen asked.

Lu Xingzhi explained, “It’s too beguiling. Others may not be able to resist it. No wonder many fall for you.”

“How about you?”

“What about me?”

“Have I beguiled you yet?” Huo Jinchen stared at Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi raised her clear eyes. “Aren’t you my fiance? Why should I even keep thinking about you?”

Huo Jinchen was once again amused. “You’re right.”

Lu Xingzhi also thought that what she said was quite reasonable.

“Then should I just smile at you from now on?” Huo Jinchen’s lips were tingling with a touching smile, and his eyes brimming with gentleness and doting.

Lu Xingzhi was again ensnared by his smile, and answered dumbly, “Yes.”

“Hahaha …” Huo Jinchen burst into a hearty laughter.

Listening to his laughter, Lu Xingzhi realized what she just said. Her face instantly turned scarlet as the sky at dawn. 

Looking at Huo Jinchen, she blinked, “Don’t make fun of me.”

“I wasn’t messing with you, I was serious.”

“Then you don’t have to. Don’t tell me you’re going to treat your elders and relatives sternly, how are you going to face even your friends in the future?” Lu Xingzhi rebuked, with an urge to roll her eyes.

“Just that kind of smile, I’ll reserve it only for you.”

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