LLW – Chapter 189

Chapter 189: You have to compensate me with a lady 4

Feng Chuge looked up and confronted his smiling eyes.

The vigilance in her heart heightened anew. “Di Jue Chen, get the hell out here, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Di Jue Chen frowned, “Why is the lady wanting to be polite?” He retorted leaning towards Feng Chuge again.

Feng Chuge froze and stepped back.

This retreat gradually ended up on the bed.

Di Jue Chen’s momentum was too great, Feng Chuge was not his opponent at all.

By the bed, she was forced to sit down and felt being taken advantage of-

The color on Feng Chuge’s face was ever-changing.

Di Jue Chen leaned over, and his warm breath was sprayed on Feng Chuge’s neck, immediately calling back their two previous kisses to Feng Chuge’s mind.

Feng Chuge suddenly blinked her eyes open.

“Di Jue Chen, if you dare to do anything to me, I …”

But before she could warn him, she was interrupted right away.

His pale thin lips opened with a tinge of endless petting. “What do you want me to do to you?”

“…” Feng Chuge choked.

Di Jue Chen chuckled softly, letting his slender fingers dive into her hair, smoothing strands of messy hair for her.

Then he straightened up. “It’s getting late. My lady still has class tomorrow morning. Take a rest. I’ll go first.”

The smile on his lips remained deep.

Before leaving, he turned his head to her again, “My lady, remember to miss me, and you can only dream of me …”


Di Jue Chen finally left.

The whole room was restored to silence.

Feng Chuge sat on the bed with her face flushed. One could wonder if it was because of anger or because of …

The candlelight flickered illuminating Feng Chuge in a daze.

She took a soft breath, and let go of a burst of spiritual energy from her fingertips, snuffing the candles.

In an instant, the room was dark.

Lying on the bed, Feng Chuge blinked repeatedly, forcing herself to fall asleep, but her eyes remained open wide, with no signs of sleepiness. 

“Shameless man!” Feng Chuge cursed under her breath, and took refuge from a tranquilizer she drew out from the heart of ice …

Deep into the night.

Outside, the man whose body has now shrunk back, probed for any movement inside, and smiled profoundly.

Behind him suddenly a voice, “Master, it’s time to go back—”

Di Jue Chen collected his smile and replied with a light, “Hmm.”

“The master just smiled so happily. It seems that Miss Feng really has the master in her heart.”

Di Jue Chen walked ahead, not commenting.

Bei Xuan’s tone took an abrupt turn, “Master, the people in Tiandifu already know that Master is in Yuntian College. The subordinate guesses that they will be coming to find you soon-“

Di Jue Chen still said nothing, but the look in his eyes changed after hearing Bei Xuan’s news.

“The subordinate worries that they will launch an attack on the master while has yet to completely detoxify the poison. News also came from our spies today that the Yan and Bai masters met today …”

“Hehe …” Di Jue Chen smiled suddenly, but the smile on that exquisite little face was charged with a myriad of thoughts. “Bei Xuan, send my command, annihilate the Bai family first!”

In the middle of the night, his childish tone brought forth a chill.

Having grown used to the master’s temper, Bai Xuan still shivered at his master’s order.

It’s just……

Sending his order…

The master actually issued a command to Tiandifu…

Bei Xuan can only sympathize with the Bai Family.

After tonight, he’s afraid that the Bai Family will be completely over!

Looking at the person walking in front of him, Bei Xuan shook his head lightly–

It seems that only Feng Chuge can make the master laugh freely…

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