SWDP – Chapter 59

Chapter 59:  Little wife

Thus, Mu Huan, who had never shared meat that was moments away from her mouth, shared Bao Junyan the meat from her plate.

“Husband, try it.” Right after she did so, she suddenly recalled that the next day she married Bao Junyan, the housekeeper showed her a note listing which she should pay attention to, and one of them was that Bao Junyan never eats hot pot outside. According to him, many people have eaten from the pot and so it was unhygienic.

So, she hurriedly apologized, “I’m sorry husband, I forgot, you don’t eat hot pot.”

Li Meng and Wu Xingye were stunned. There are people who do not eat hot pot?

When Mu Huan was going to clamp back the meat, Bao Junyan clipped the meat on the plate first and shove it in his mouth.

Mu Huan, “…”

Li Meng, “…”

Wu Xingye, “…”

Didn’t she just say that he doesn’t eat hot pot?

Since Bao Junyan ate, Mu Huan was caught in a tangle and struggled whether to give him more meat.

She said that he doesn’t eat, but now he did the opposite. What should she do?

“Husband, is the meat okay?” She finally decided to ask.

“Not bad.”

Mu Huan took it that it could be eaten, so she called the waiter, and asked for a few pairs of chopsticks as serving chopsticks. Then she signaled Li Meng for them to use the serving chopsticks to remove meat from the hot pot for him.

But even then, Bao Junyan didn’t move his hands to eat.

Mu Huan, “…”

Is he going to eat or not?

If he doesn’t hurry and eat, she’ll devour it!

So she wavered for a moment and clipped another piece of meat for Bao Junyan, which he ate again.

Mu Huan, “…”

So is he only going to eat what she serves?

Did he hear her saying that he is an old man almost thirty years old and is angry, so he is being deliberate?

Deliberate or not, she could only wait on him.

Therefore, she kept serving Bao Junyan delicious food.

Li Meng and Wu Xingye looked at Mu Huan being a little wife, and they both laughed and gloated. She has always had the biggest meal in the world. Whoever robs her off her meat has always eaten hard. But now, after watching her beloved meat has been cooked, only to feed it bit by bit into another person’s mouth, it must definitely hurt.

And so the two shamelessly picked up their chopsticks and ate with gusto.

It’s absolutely throwing stones at someone who fell down the well. 

Mu Huan, “…”

If she could only beat someone up!

Wu Xingye thought that Bao Junyan would definitely not let Mu Huan pay the bill, so, “Xiao Huan, I heard the waiter say that today’s abalone is a rare wild giant, it must be delicious, shall we order a few?”

Mu Huan, “…”

“The Songjiang sea bass in their restaurant is also super fresh. I really want to have a taste!” Li Meng followed.

“I just saw it, their lobster is still alive and kicking!” Wu Xingye added another one.

Mu Huan, “Are you here for hot pot?”

How nice is the beef and lamb for hot pot! What are they doing! They’re ordering seafood, and the most expensive ones at that!

“This restaurant is famous for its seafood hotpot!”

“Yeah! That’s right! Their seafood is super fresh and delicious. Last time, didn’t you drool over that wild big abalone!” Li Meng exposed her bottom.

Mu Huan, “…”

Can they be any more shameless!

Before she could say anything, Wu Xingye raised his hand to call the waiter to order.

The wild abalone is worth a few hundreds, the same is through with the Songjiang sea bass. As the kings of big stomachs, they ordered a few pounds without restraints, and calculating it, they had to add the cheapest Boston lobsters.

Mu Huan scowled at them, but Wu Xingye and Li Meng were thick skinned and were totally unaffected.

Wild Abalone

M: These two can really make mouth water, can’t blame Li Meng and Xingye for being shameless….

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  1. Seafood (good seafood) can be so expensive I don’t fault them for taking advantage.

    Thanks for the update. 😆


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