EP – Chapter 209

Chapter 209: A chance to apologize

Catching the surprise on his face, Ning Xiaofei laughed softly.

“Why? Afraid that I’ll gulp it again and waste your premium tea?”

Putting it another way, if she were in his place, she would have been angrier than him.

It wasn’t Xicheng’s fault. Ning Xiaofei knew very well that obviously, he was here to apologize for going out of the line. Such a proud man actually lowered himself just to apologize to someone insignificant as her.

He even specially signed and sent her his CD. In the situation the other day, where he did not leave the station, and still insisted on finishing the talk show, Ning Xiaofei was already grateful, why not force him to say “I’m sorry” without great difficulty.

Across the table, the girl’s smiling revealed her frankness and sincerity. 

Xicheng froze, and then laughed at himself. He immediately reached over the teapot and extended his arm, pouring tea into a soup bowl set aside, instead of pouring into a delicate bone china cup. 

“Use this, quench your thirst!”

Ning Xiaofei held up the soup bowl with a smile, took it to her mouth and drank two sips, savoring the taste.

“This must be Xinyang Mojian tea. It’s been a long time since I have had such a good spring tea.”      

The man raised an eyebrow. “Do you like it too?”

The last time he saw her, she drank tea like a cow, so he thought she was a novice who knows nothing about tea.        

“I don’t know much. My mother loved to drink it, but in comparison, I love this tea. It tastes bitter when I drink it, but right after drinking, it tastes sweet.                            

“Yeah.” Xicheng nodded, “Xinyang’s Maojian tea is most special for its ‘sweet aftertaste’. Your mother must be a tea lover.”   

The chat started off at tea then shifted to his new song…

By the time Xu Yang returned with the waiter, the two had already talked and laughed like a pair of friends, who could talk about everything. Xu Yang stared at them with wide eyes, hurriedly exited the door and found a side seat to eat by himself.   

This meal extended harmoniously.

During the meal, Ning Xiaofei quietly peeked at her watch several times. Noticing that it was already more than eight o’clock, she quickly put down her chopsticks.                                  

“Mr. Xicheng, sorry, I have to go.”

She also had to take the bus on foot and then transfer to the subway. It would take at least an hour to go back, then she could eat again. When that master didn’t see her at home, she’s afraid that he would be upset again.

Xicheng glanced at the time before realizing that almost two hours had passed unconsciously.

In the past, when he went out for dinner, he always almost wanted to escape. He always felt that time was like a cow pulling a broken cart. But this time, why did time pass so fast?

Xicheng noticed the dishes on the table and suddenly remembered something. 

“I asked them to arrange for someone to drive your car back. The plum juice was added with wine, and you would be miserable if you were to bump into a traffic officer.”

Earlier, Ning Xiaofei insisted Xu Yang not to pick her up, so Xicheng assumed that she would be driving.

Ning Xiaofei smiled, “There’s no need for this, I’m going to head home on the No. 11 subway!”

“No. 11?” Xicheng was lost. “You came by bus?”

Ning Xiaofei gently stomped her feet in those little white leather shoes, “I mean, the No. 11 subway!”

Xicheng raised his eyebrow lightly and immediately rose from the chair.

“I see you off!”

“No need, it’s very convenient to take a cab. From here to the subway station, it only takes up to ten minutes.”

She was about to refuse, but Xicheng has already reached out to help her with the handbag she has set aside. “Even so … give me a chance to apologize, and I still have a bit of more serious business to talk to you about. Let’s talk about it along the way.”

Ning Xiaofei took her bag and asked curiously, “What is it?!”

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