SWDP – Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Capital embarrassment

The atmosphere turned awkward.


“It hurts … it hurts … Xiao Huan, let your husband let go!” Cried Wu Xingye. If he continues squeezing his wrist like this, his wrist would really snap!

“Husband, let him go first. He is my good friend. He was just kidding around …” Mu Huan urged.

Bao Junyan gave Wu Xingye a cold look and let go of his hand, “You’re not allowed to play like this again in the future.”

Wu Xingye suddenly felt like he was given reprieve and automatically answered, “Absolutely not!”

Bao Junyan remained frosty in front of his eyes. 

Mu Huan immediately stood up, “Husband, have you eaten yet? This hot pot is delicious, would you like to have a try?”

Bao Junyan was about to say eat at home.

But Mu Huan insisted, “Husband, this hot pot is really delicious. I’ve been craving to eat for a long time. Let’s eat together …”

Bao Junyan, “…”

Bao Junyan ended up sitting beside Mu Huan.

Mu Huan almost knocked herself out trying to find a topic, but just didn’t know what to say to Bao Junyan. Since they have married, the two of them have only talked a few times, but haven’t  really sat down for a chat.

After a while, she finally found an opening. “Husband, let me introduce you. These are my good friends, Li Meng and Wu Xingye.”

Bao Junyan hummed quietly.

Then the atmosphere went to being awkward again.

Adding his identity, which has been in a high position for a long time, even if he doesn’t talk, even without lowering the air conditioner, just let him sit there, and that unbearable oppressive air would linger around.

Wu Xingye and Li Meng looked at Mu Huan at the same time and motioned her to mitigate the atmosphere. Now, this is making them feel like she’s Alexander the Great!

Mu Huan wants to cry without tears, she also wants to ease the atmosphere, she also wants to be Alexander the Great!

But she really doesn’t know what else is there to say!

Just then, the waiter came to serve.

Mu Huan seemed to have seen a savior, and hurriedly picked up her chopsticks for a clamp of meat. “Husband, this mutton is super delicious, try it.”

Bao Junyan looked at the raw lamb she had sandwiched on his plate, “…”

Although he has not eaten hot pot outside, he also knows that this lamb is not eaten raw.

Mu Huan, “…”

Why does it feel like the air has gone colder?

“Xiao Huan …” Li Meng whispered.

Mu Huan looked at Li Meng, blinking what was the matter.

It took Li Meng a long time waggin her eyebrows before Mu Huan realized that she has served Bao Junyan raw meat.

She immediately hid her face, wanting to find a pit to bury herself.

Unfortunately, there’s no place for her now. And even if there’s a pit, she can’t bury herself. She can only brace her head and look up at Bao Junyan, forcing an awkward smile, “Husband, I was just so excited to see you, so I made such a mistake. “

Bao Junyan didn’t want to embarrass her more so he reached out and rubbed her head. “Didn’t you say you wanted to eat this hot pot, the pot is ready.”

“Oh! Oh! Eat … Let’s eat …” Mu Huan hurriedly scooped meat.

Mu Huan, Li Meng, and Wu Xingye are all foodies. In front of food, they can forget everything, so when the hot pot was opened, the three people reached out with their chopsticks at the same time. Then, quick as locusts sweeping the border, the meat in the pot was swept away, and the three ate with relish.

Bao Junyan noticed the tacit understanding between the three and figured that they have long known each other.

The atmosphere between them also made it difficult to integrate.

This caused him to frown and filled his eyes with gloom.

Sensing the cooling atmosphere, Mu Huan only supposed that Bao Junyan beside her has, as if… not eaten even a piece of meat.

Is he unhappy because he has been robbed off his meat from the pot?

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