FMYM – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Ping-pong balls between the legs

It was an hour after that Peng Jiao appeared with the teenager at the Hades Hotel.

By then, luxurious cars have already swam into the hotel. All those who attended the party, men and women, were dressed in fancy clothes. Invisibly, the party evolved into more than one level.

And this on the one hand, originates from the fact that Hades Hotel in Feicheng, and anywhere in China, is the top among high-end venues, with strict requirements for people entering it.

On the other hand, those who came to participate in the banquet are well aware of the character of the owner behind the hotel.

These people who came for the party are basically seeking for a connection with Ming Yu. So, of course, they had to conform to his temper.

Like everyone else who came to the party, the teenager changed into a white suit.

The hand-made suit complemented her long, slender figure to perfection. From the moment she got off the car, she has already harvested a lot of admiring glances. 

Unfortunately, the teenager herself was oblivious to them. After getting out of the car, she adjusted her collar and said to Peng Jiao, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

The teenager’s left hand is currently stuffed in her pocket, where two ping-pong balls are lying down.

“Go, go. In a while, I’ll enter with you.” Replied Peng Jiao, who is now dressed in a black backless gown, exuding temptation from head to toe. 

The teenager nodded slightly and entered the bathroom in the hotel lobby.

With so many people attending the banquet today, there are also a lot of people in the bathroom. Obviously, it’s impractical to visit the ladies room. 

Without hesitation, the teenager entered a single cubicle in the men’s bathroom. After closing the door, she quickly squeezed the two ping-pong balls in her crotch.

As soon as they were positioned, the teenager frowned.

Whoever puts these two balls in their pants would be uncomfortable. But there is no other way, who has left her without the original tools?

This is nothing ordinary, but she can only ignore it. It’s common knowledge that at parties, there are some people who would pass off fish eyes for pearls and would frequently throw themselves at someone’s arms, of course, negligence is out of the question!

After trying on the ping-pong balls, the teenager adjusted the angle and then went out.

Everyone in front of the urinals are almost gone, except one tall man. 

At first glance, the teenager found that the man is outstanding.

Lean tall stature, with eyes partly-closed. His inky hair was meticulously styled, nothing delicate can be spotted all over his body. Indolent grandeur, he’s virtually a hottie, through and through.

There is such a person whose nobility comes with his body. Even when standing in the bathroom, the noise and everything else are automatically and subconsciously isolated around him.

And this man, in the eyes of the teenager, is exactly that.  

As a result, the teenager again unveiled her love for men. 

A whistle came out of nowhere. 

All at once, the man looked up. Black eyes, narrowed into slits. The seemingly calm but penetrating sight loomed over the teenager.

The moment their eyes met, the teenager only felt that the man looked a little familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere.

The man, however, recognized the teenager in an instant. His clear and melodious voice rang with a hint of disdain: “Ladies room rogue?”

Teenager: “…”

It turned out to be the same man she has met in the bathroom at the hospital this afternoon!

But looking at the cynicism painted in his restrained face, the teenager realized that she has left a bad impression on the man at the bathroom door this afternoon.


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