FMYM – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Stand tall, pee far!

Few people are on the VIP floor. 

After separating from Peng Jiao, the teenager came to the bathroom door according to the directions.

But instead of rushing in, she stood at the door of the lady’s room and stared.

Although it is much more convenient for her to enter the men’s room, she is still accustomed to entering the lady’s room. She would only enter the men’s toilet if she had to. Also because she isn’t fond of looking at those spicy eyes and pungent organs in the men’s room!

“Ladies room rogue?”

The teenager was about to go in after ensuring that nobody is inside the ladies’ room when a clear and melodious baritone reached her ears. 

This voice made the teenager immediately follow the source.

There she saw a tall figure standing at the door of the men’s bathroom.

The man is tall, taller than the teenager’s 1.75 meters.

His facial features are deep and enthralling, but the most striking is the man’s pair of black eyes. 

Pure black, unfathomable. But glittering with a hidden edge….

And at this moment, those pair of dark pupils with hidden sharp edges are obviously hostile.

Leaving this layer of aversion aside, this man’s appearance, aura, and sharpness are the best that Gu Yuan Xi has ever seen. Naturally, she also admires him. 

Regardless of the man’s hostility, the teenager walked straight into the men’s bathroom.

As she crossed the man’s side, her pink lips suddenly swayed up: “Stand tall, pee far!”

That’s right, since she is outstanding, she likes to tease.

Although she is forced to play the role of a man now, she can’t change the fact that her body is a woman at all, much less her fondness for superb men.

In the open country of M, teenagers have been cultivated never to go against their nature. So why not take advantage of her own status now?

Well, talking somebody around, can be considered a cheap one!

Stand tall?

The man glanced at the entrance to the ladies room immediately.

True, as the ladies room rogue said, the height of the entrance to the ladies room is indeed a few centimeters taller than that of the men’s!

But what the hell is “stand tall and pee far”?

The man looked sideways at the rogue passing by.

And saw him staring at him too. 

The moment she passed in front of him, she suddenly blew her bangs.

For a moment, the hair that slightly blocked her eyes suddenly rose, and those slightly hooked eyes with a bit of evil slammed into his eyes …

The only thing the man felt was his own heartbeat missing a few beats.

And then came annoyance.

What does it mean when a man blows at another man?

At this moment, all he wanted to do was catch the bastard back and beat him. 

But as he turned, the teenager already entered the bathroom. 


“Ming Shao, you are here? The Kangcheng project …” In the distance, someone saw the tall figure proudly standing at the door of the men’s bathroom, and rushed forward to say hello.

The man had no time to beat the bastard who just provoked him.

That’s right, the man right in front of the men’s bathroom is Ming Yu. It is said that there are few Chinese, surnamed Ming. Their current president is also surnamed Ming. When he parachuted and became the person at the helm of the Kangcheng project, everyone speculated that he has some sort of inextricable relationship with the president. 

Yet, these clearly are not the point. 

The point is that a certain teenager who has rushed to meet Ming Yu at the banquet to lay a foundation for the Kangcheng Project, unwittingly took liberties with him!


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