SWDP – Chapter 56

Chapter 56: The man in the footage

To make matters worse, her birthday party is fast approaching. She should have been the most enviable. Jealousy should have fueled her peers. Now everything’s gone, everyone’s laughing at her! She has become the greatest laughing stock of the world!

Even if her daughter-in-law was caught in a Y scandal. Her granddaughter even fought over an n-Lang with her biological mother!

What kind of mother and daughter quarreled over a man like that, how vulgar!

“Mom!” Bai Xuexian’s shocked face turned white.

If they go abroad disgraced, they will be completely dead the rest of their lives!

“If you don’t go abroad, just leave home and get out of this house!” If it weren’t for the son she has given birth to who would be her successor, she would have had her killed!

“Mom …” What else can Bai Xuexian say.

 But Mrs. Mu merely waved her hand and let the guards drag the mother and daughter out. She really can’t stand facing them for a second more. Otherwise, she is afraid she would kill them both with her own hands.

After the Bai Xuexian mother and daughter were dragged away, Mu Dongsheng waited for a while and seeing that Mrs. Mu has calmed down a bit, he risked a step forward and advised.

“Mom, don’t be too angry. Although Kexin can’t marry Bao Junyan, Xiao Huan is still Mrs. Bo. As long as we treat her grandma properly, she’ll do whatever we want her to do. Furthermore, I think Xiao Huan is much smarter than Kexin. She is married to Bao Junyan, so Xiao Huan can certainly help us more.”

Mu Dongsheng himself actually thinks that Mu Huan was better off married to Bao Junyan. His daughter is clever and has always been stubborn regarding her decisions. But his mother just had to let Mu Kexin replace her, so he is helpless and can only agree so.

“You idiot! Did you think I don’t know how Mu Huan is, so Mu Kexin can’t do? Did you think I was counting on her marriage to Bao Junyan?” Mrs. Mu’s fire that has just died down, burst out once more because of the stupidity of her son. 

Mu Dongsheng was stunned, “If you didn’t want to rely on Kexin, then what is it for?”

Was he only hoping to marry her granddaughter off to a good family?

Not to mention others, he’ll never believe a word of it.

“It’s for your son! The heir to the Bao’s family, it’s only right for him to crawl out of his sister’s belly!” Mrs. Mu is well aware of Mu Kexin’s deficiencies, but she still wanted to marry Kexin to Junyan, just for the purpose of letting Mu Kexin give birth to the successor of the Bao family.

Only in this way can the benefits to her Mu family be long-lasting. She can control Mu Huan for the time being, but once her grandmother dies, she will never listen to them, let alone support her baby grandson!

At that time, Mu Kexin refused to attend the blind date banquet. When she wanted to leave, she did not force her. She felt that with the current conditions of the Mu family, an ordinary woman like Mu Kexin would never get the chance. The chances of someone more beautiful and smarter than Kexin was more likely to be selected, which was why she forced Mu Huan to attend the blind date.

It never occurred to her that that man turned out to be Bao Junyan’s father!

This made her feel that it was because of Bao Junyan’s father that Mu Huan was selected to the daughter-in-law of the Bao family.

She tried hard to replace her, but everything turned out into …

Nothing! How can she not be angry! How can she not want to kill!

Mu Dongsheng, “…”


Jingchuan Four Palaces is the most famous hot pot restaurant in Yuncheng. Even in midsummer, people can be seen lining up even for more than two hours.

Mu Huan once worked as a part-time student here, and was very familiar with the manager. She took a number early and there was a seat available when they arrived. The seat was even positioned well, by the window. 

“Xiao Huan, I think when you used to look for gourmet restaurants for part-time was truly farsighted! If I follow you, no matter how famous the restaurant is, there would be no need for queuing. You can get your number in advance without waiting in line!” Li Meng admired.

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