SWDP – Chapter 55

Chapter 55: It’s all ruined

Seeing this, Mu Dongsheng didn’t dare to come forward anymore, he hid aside and zipped his mouth.

“Mom, I know I was wrong, I was wrong, and I should be guilty of death! You can punish me as much as you want, but the most important thing for us now is to calm the storm!” Bai Xuexian stepped forward.

“Calm down? How to quell? What’s the use of suppressing it now!” Mrs. Mu cried angrily.

 “I was framed, we can find the black hands behind the scenes, and then …”

“Then what? So how do you explain those high-definition videos and photos? Even if you can explain and prove your innocence, who will believe it? What’s the point! Also, the most important thing is not you! It is Kexin. She is supposed to marry Bao Junyan, and now that this happens, you … “Mrs. Mu picked something beside her and angrily flung it towards Bai Xuexian on the urge to kill her.

“Mom, don’t worry about Kexin, no matter what, I will …”

 “What now? What can you do now? It’s useless! What kind of family is the Bao family? Not to mention Kexin really obsessing with that N-lang, even if she wasn’t and was only framed, because of this stigma, the Bao family would never want her!”

She originally established Mu Kexin’s background deliberately so her reputation outside is very good. After her plan was successful, she had absolute confidence that Mu Kexin could marry Bao Junyan, but now …

A young girl obsessed with an N-Lang and even fought with her mother over him. 

Everyone has seen it!

This … even if she has a great ability, she can not let Mu Kexin marry Bao Junyan.

“You … you two … damn it!” Mrs. Mu is maddened with her anger!

She worked so hard and even fished out her next egg in exchange for a bargaining chip to ensure Mu Kexin’s marriage with Bao Junyan……

She really wants to kill this mother and daughter.

“Mom….” Bai Xuexian has always been eloquent, but now, she doesn’t know what else to say. She’s well aware of how serious the consequences of this scandal are. 

“If I can’t get married, then don’t marry. Marrying Zixian is also good! But mom, you can’t rob him off me, he’s mine!” Mu Kexin feels her family is already rich. Even if he is an N-lang, as long as he looks good and pleases her. 

Bao Junyan is a cold distant god from the sky, even if he looks better than her Zixian. He wants to marry her as his princess, and surprised her from time to time. He has let her live in a real romantic idol drama. 

Therefore, if she can’t marry Bao Junyan, then don’t marry him. 

Hearing what she said, Bai Xuexian wanted to die! She really doesn’t know how she has had such a daughter!

Mrs. Mu threw her palm up and knocked Mu Kexin down.

Mu Kexin, who slumped on the ground, looked at Mrs. Mu in disbelief, “Grandma … you …”

 She hit her! She actually hit her!

“Useless!” For Mrs. Mu, Mu Kexin is now an abandoned pawn. 

Bai Xuexian has a clear understanding of Mrs. Mu too, so she knows that she is giving up Mu Kexin. In the future, Mu Kexin will not be favored in this house as before. But not to mention Mrs. Mu giving up on Mu Kexin, she too wants to give up on this daughter!

She is really …

“Tomorrow, you take this wicked animal abroad, don’t ever come back!” Mrs. Mu never wants to see them mother and daughter again!

They’ve ruined her plans, everything’s ruined!

Seeing this, Mu Dongsheng hurriedly appeased, “Mom … Mom … Don’t be angry …”

“Get out of here, you useless thing!” Mrs. Mu shoved Mu Dongsheng away. If it wasn’t for him, he couldn’t even please his wife, how could such a thing happen!

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  1. Wow, Mu Huan really spiked that awful grandmother’s guns!👀👀👀 Nice going, right when I was about to write her off for her stupid clinging to independence!👍🏽👍🏽

    Thanks for the chapter.💖

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