FMYM – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: No need to thank me that much

But before Gu Zifan’s words were finished, the teenager waved his fist with lightning speed.

Before Gu Zifan could dodge, he received a solid punch and fell to the side, spurting blood. 

What alarmed Gu Zifan even more was the tooth that came out laced with blood!

Damn it!

This spineless coward, when did he become so powerful? It must be that he hasn’t paid closer attention that this wimp got away with it!

When he gets up, he’s going to thrash this wimp all right.

However, without waiting for Gu Zifan to get up, the teenager quickly kicked his plastered leg. With one blow, the plaster wrapped around his leg shattered.

Another kick followed right after, this time, on Gu Zifan’s leg bones….

Up at the same time, Gu Zifan clearly heard his bones cracking…

The wrenching pain from the fracture tore a cry from Gu Zifan, disregarding his image: “Ah….”

And the foot of the teenager resting on the broken leg, outlined a ruthlessness unbecoming of his age: “Don’t rush screaming just yet. This is just the beginning!” 

And then, a few kicks in succession, struck fiercely on Gu Zifan’s other leg and belly …

Gu Zifan was howling bitterly, but the VIP room was sound-proof and no sound escaped outside. 

But even if someone were to come in, just looking at the immaculate and stunning figure of the teenager, he would think that he’s an angel who had strayed into the world and has nothing to do with the demon who has kicked and beaten someone. 

The violence against Gu Zifan lasted for nearly half an hour. When Gu Zifan passed out completely, the teenager examined his broken nose and swollen face and a satisfied smile blossomed on his beautiful face.

“This is what you should look like after getting beaten, so you won’t be questioned when you go out! Don’t thank me too much …”

After his majesty’s remarks, the teenager calmly and elegantly put his coat back on. His diffident appearance devoid of the least bit hint of remorse could almost fool others into believing that the teenager delivering those brutal blows on Gu Zifan just a moment ago was definitely not her. 


“Are you okay?” As soon as the teenager came out of the ward, Peng Jiao came running. 

Her anxiety was crystal clear on her face, apparently, worried that he would suffer against Gu Zifan. 

“I’m fine!” The teenager smiled, a shallow stunning smile, that can be considered peerless.

“Really?” Peng Jiao was a bit skeptical. In the past, Gu Yuan Xi has always been running in circles because of Gu Zifan. 

“Really!” Well, something’s the matter, there’s somebody lying unconscious inside. 

The teenager’s bright smile temporarily calmed Peng Jiao’s uneasy heart. She went on to say: “That’s great. Let’s go to Hades Hotel now. I heard that Ming Yu will attend a banquet over there today …”

Ming Yu that Peng Jiao is talking about is the person in charge of the Kangcheng Project. It is said that he is only 26 years old. But his background is simply amazing. No one in China dares to confront him. 

As for the Kangcheng Project, it’s the test that Father Gu has put forward to determine who between Gu Zifan and Gu Yuan Xi is worthy of becoming his successor. 

Peng Huimin urgently called the teenager back from Country M to help his brother win the project while he’s still in a coma. 

“You go start the car first!”  Since it is the theme of winning the Kangcheng Project, the teenager naturally has no reason to refuse.

After his majesty spoke, he turned and walked away from the elevator. 

“What are you going to do?” Peng Jiao asked.

“Nature’s call!” The teenager turned sideways, sporting a wicked grin.

Peng Jiao thinks that the teenager is simply naughty and mischievous. But at the same time, the smile on the teenager’s face made her mature woman’s heart beat again …


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