SWDP – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Hate iron for not being steel

“You have helped him out of this sea of suffering, I don’t think you need to give him money anymore.” Wu Xingye said.

They have followed Mu Huan along the way, knowing how hard it was for her to earn money. It was sad for him to think that she was forced to marry a 30-year-old man because she had no money to leave with her grandmother.

She is so young at her blooming stage. 

Other young girls are enjoying their youth and playing freely, but she has always to be on her toes, struggling to keep her grandmother safe.

“The headliner wants to take his sister abroad and also wants to undergo a facelift to get rid of the past. They all need money. How can I not give them money?”

“I have always said you are stupid. You rescued his younger sister. He helped you seduce Bai Xuexian’s mother and daughter. This is a matter of give and take, but you just have to give people money. Now, you also have to make every effort to help them escape. Why don’t you take responsibility for them for the rest of their lives!” Wu Xingye couldn’t help but knock her head hard.

“You think I have an iron head! It hurts so much!” Mu Huan covered her head and grumbled.

“I hate iron for not being steel!” Wu Xingye gritted his teeth.

“I’m not an iron. How could I be a steel?”

Wu Xingye was amused and retorted, “Mu Huan, you’re amazing!”

“Oh, Xiao Ye gege, I know you’re all for my good, but these are the conditions I had agreed with him at the beginning. I can’t take my words back and be indifferent!” Mu Huan laughed happily.

“He helped me a great deal.”

“As if you didn’t think of a way to save his sister!” Wu Xingye snorted coldly, and then, “You, you deserve to be poor!”

“Before, because of that white lotus, Lin Qingya’s kindness, you worked hard to earn money and raised her like a young lady of thousands of gold. Now, you’re doing it again, you deserve it!”

“Okay, okay, I deserve it, I deserve it. I’ll buy you a hot pot tonight and eat well!”

“Okay, the hot pot restaurant on Zhongshan Road that you mentioned last time!” Wu Xingye hummed.

“More upscale than that. I’m happy today, let’s celebrate!” Things have gone viral, so smooth, they must celebrate!

“You still have conscience.” Wu Xingye is tired of scolding her.

Although he said she is stupid every time, but that’s just how she is. When someone is good to her, she’d return in kind. She’ll stick to friends who are sincere to her. 

In the meanwhile, Mu family … 

 “You bitch!” Mrs. Mu threw a fierce slap, and five red fingerprints appeared on Bai Xuexian’s face instantly.

Everyone took a few steps back. 

“Mom, this is a set-up! I was framed!” Bai Xuexian, who has never cried, was beaten and cowered like a dog.

“Framed? Did you look at those videos and photos of yourself, you still have the courage to say you were framed? If you have kept your legs together and hasn’t gone restless, can you be framed?” Mrs. Mu knew that there are black hands behind this, but if she isn’t a slut, who opens her legs to anyone, how can someone framed her like this!


“Also, though you are cheap, and a slut yourself! How did you teach your daughter! A mother and daughter are obsessed with an N-lang! And even fought with her mother for that N-lang … “ You …!” The old lady could hardly breathe.

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