FMYM – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: For example, your leg should have been broken, but it isn’t!

“Why are you….” The color on Gu Zifan’s face changed the moment he turned around. 

The half-hearted smile, that he has managed to muster just now, froze in an instant. No matter his eyebrows or complexion, his surprise and panic towards this young man who suddenly appeared in front of him was written all over his face!

Ever since his status as the illegitimate son of Father Gu was exposed, he has been trying to squeeze himself into the Gu family and become superior.

Unfortunately, the woman surnamed Peng is very smart. Even if she had known that Father Gu had such an illegitimate child, she still refused to play virtuous, let alone enter his name in the family tree of Gu.

In desperation, Gu Zifan and his mother had no choice but to take a different approach, and plotted against the well-protected and slightly weak in character, Gu Yuan Xi.

In a matter of years, Gu Yuan Xi was forced from an elegant and noble young master into becoming a trouble maker. But beyond the two’s expectations,  Father Gu was still thinking about leaving most of his properties to that loser!

To this end, the mother and son jointly designed this incident, in which, Gu Zifan was beaten to death. 

Today, the teenager was supposed to appear in the ward as to how they designed the whole beating thing, forcing him to come and apologize to him.

The problem is that when Gu Zifan was “battered” that day, he watched a train speeding towards Gu Yuan Xi’s corvette, crashing and turning it into a pile of scrap iron …

Such a fatal accident, no matter how high the Corvette’s safety indicators are, it would be impossible for him to stand safe and sound in front of Gu Zifan. 

For a moment, Gu Zifan felt cold sweat trickling down his spine, as if seeing a ghost.

By contrast, the young man standing by the door of the ward is smiling radiantly, “What’s wrong? Were you surprised? Did you think I should be lying in the hospital … Oh wait, should it be the crematorium?”

Despite the fact that they haven’t met yet, Gu Yuan Xi is her brother. How could she let go of this man who struck her brother with a deadly blow?

A pair of peachy eyes stared at Gu Zifan sharply, with fringes concealing a clear view of her expression.

But the tone of her voice remained magnetic. It’s just that the magnetism in her voice was filled with amusement and arrogance. So alluring, but also chills the bones, “Sorry, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you! After a trip around King Yama’s sanctum, I realized that I still have a lot of unfinished business to do before I die!”

“What’s going on…” Perhaps the teenager’s voice was simply guarded, Gu Zifan was so scared that he could only follow along and ask. 

The teenager in question chuckled. 

This sudden smile was as fascinating as the first snowfall. 

“For example, your leg should have been broken, but it is’nt!”

As the teenager spoke, he unbuttoned his white coat gracefully. 

Although his upper body has been bandaged on the chest meticulously, the disparity can be easily seen when his coat is off. Therefore, the teenager rarely takes his coat off in front of others.

But for now, there is no other alternative. When beating someone, the coat would restrict his hands and feet. 

“You’re a loser, so don’t blow hot air. You think you can…” Can he fight?

Immersed in the thought that the teenager has suffered from a serious car accident, it took a while for Gu Zifan to get a grip on himself. With the sun rays hitting the top of the teenager’s head without any changes happening, Gu Zifan realized that the man in front of him is a human being, not a ghost. 

Since he’s a human being, what’s to be scared about!


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