FMYM – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: From today onward, you are him!

A teenager was standing in a Chinese landscape courtyard.

The teenager’s complexion is fairly white and delicate. His haircut is in the latest style revealing white temples. His bangs is a bit longer, slightly blocking his eyes. But through the gap, a beautiful pair of eyes is particularly eye-catching.

“From today onwards, you will replace your brother Yuan Xi and take over the inheritance of the Gu family!” The well-maintained woman standing in front of him, who has both temperament and beauty, told him.

“Okay!” The teenager raised his head, nodded to the woman with a slippery smile. 

That smile, that swagger, is absolutely ravishing.

Especially with the afternoon rays falling on top of his head, his smile and silhouette is superbly enchanting.

For a moment, even the woman, Peng Huimin, got dazzled marveling at his face.

If she weren’t a mother armed with the knowledge that the teenager in front of her is actually her teenage daughter, she would have been fooled.  

“Do you have anything else to command?” The teenager asked again.

No one would ever get tired feasting his eyes on that face.

“In the next few days, you have to bring Peng Jiao with you. She has been in charge of Yuan Xi’s schedule in the past and she’s much more familiar with the people around Yuan Xi!”

“Okay!” The teenager did not refuse any request from his mother, Peng Huimin.

Just because he was sent abroad since birth to be trained as the successor to the Peng family reserve in M, this is the first time that he has met his mother up close. Therefore, he cherishes such private time.

As for that Peng Jiao that his mother mentioned, that is his cousin, a woman seven or eight years older than him!

“If there’s nothing else, just go to the hospital.” Peng Huimin sighed gazing at his good looks.

When his mother mentioned the word “hospital”, the teenager who was still looking harmless just frowned.

But in the end, he responded: “I’m going!”

As he turned to leave, Peng Huimin reminded him: “Be careful, especially in that respect. Peng Jiao knows that you and Yuan Xi are twins, but she doesn’t know that you are …”

Though Peng Huimin didn’t finish it, the teenager grasped her intention, just reminding him to pay attention to his gender issues. 

 “Got it!” He responded again. His voice reverberating much better than the original Gu Yuan Xi, magnetic and hoarse …

Then he turned and left.

Peng Huimin, who was left alone, stared at the back of the teenager with a complex look.

Eighteen years ago, she fell in love with a man recklessly, and willingly abandoned her status as Miss No. 1 in the M country’s rich list for him. 

In order stand beside the man, she even sent the girl to the Peng Family, from the pair of dragon and phoenix she gave birth to and let the child stay with her parents instead of her.

Her parents in country M attached great importance on that child. Rumors have it that in order for that child to inherit Peng’s, they have been hiding her true gender.

Of course, securing the succession rights of the Peng Family in country M wasn’t a piece of cake, and relatives have been staring at this piece of fats. That child must have suffered a lot in these years. But in the end, she lived up to all expectations and won Peng’s succession last month.

Peng Huimin also admires that girl’s ability to outdo others. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have called her back urgently, now that Gu Yuan Xi is lying in coma in the hospital.

Staring after the teenager who disappeared outside the door, Peng Huimin believes that with that girl’s ability, she is best fitted in taking back Gu’s!

M’s corner: Our heroine’s gender sometimes get’s mixed, so I’ll just refer to her as “HE” whenever she’s playing the role of her brother and during private musings.


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