SWPF – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Are you going to eat me?

But this sweet Lu Xingzhi is really cute, like a kitten. 

He went along with the play and answered: “You don’t know who I am? Then who are you?”

“I’ll tell you secretly, but you can’t tell anyone.” Lu Xingzhi whispered.

“Okay. I promise not to tell anyone.” Huo Jinchen whispered back.

Lu Xingzhi stuck her face to his ear and said quietly, “I’m a mushroom.”

Huo Jinchen felt numbness spreading all over his body. His hands holding Lu Xingzhi tightened unconsciously.

She is so cute that he wanted to laugh, but held it back again.

“I only told you because you’re beautiful, but you can’t tell others!” Lu Xingzhi emphasized anew.

“Okay, I won’t tell.”

Only then did Lu Xingzhi realize that she was in Huo Jinchen’s arms. She jumped directly to the ground and went out.

“Little mushroom, where are you going?” Huo Jinchen’s eyebrows were all smiles. He followed Lu Xingzhi and grabbed her by the hand.

“Shh!” Lu Xingzhi covered his lips. “I told you not to tell anyone, you’re still yelling so loud.”

“Okay, I’ll whisper. Can you tell me where you are going?” Huo Jinchen lowered his voice.

Lu Xingzhi snubbed him, “You are stupid! I’m a mushroom, of course, I should be planted in the soil.”

“There is also soil in the room. It’s better to plant yourself in the room!” Huo Jinchen’s grin widened. His drunk little girl is utterly adorable.

Lu Xingzhi directly rejected him, “No, I want to be planted outside so that photosynthesis can be carried out.”

“Haha …” Huo Jinchen burst into laughter, her biology is pretty good.

He squeezed her little face, and his eyes glimmered seductively, “You forgot, you have been picked off by me. So, this little mushroom is mine.”

Lu Xingzhi was horrified and said timidly, “So, are you going to eat me?”

Huo Jinchen smiled meaningfully, “Of course, I want to eat you.”

Lu Xingzhi was even more terrified and whispered, “Can you not eat me?”

“No.” Rarely has Huo Jinchen denied her anything but this refusal is unyielding.

If he doesn’t eat such a tender little mushroom, would she be left for others to eat?

Lu Xingzhi seemed to have given up resistance. Her charming and affectionate eyes glowed pitifully as if aggrieved while her voice trembled, “Then … can you lighten a bit when you eat? I’m afraid of pain.”

“Okay.” This one is acceptable.

“Then you eat it!” Lu Xingzhi closed her eyes as if ready to be slaughtered.

Huo Jinchen stared at Lu Xingzhi’s delicate red lips, his eyes burning hotter and hotter as he considered this issue.

They look luscious.

On the verge of making up his mind, Zhou Yixiang interrupted, “”Sir, you are back?”

Lu Xingzhi, who has now considered herself as a mushroom, quickly hid into Huo Jinchen’s arms as soon as she heard another voice. 

Huo Jinchen’s disgusted eyes swept gloomily at Zhuo Yixiang gloomily. This housekeeper is really too meddlesome.

“Don’t be afraid.” He gently patted Lu Xingzhi’s shoulder and hugged her up lazily.

It wasn’t until they were in her room that he put her down.

“Are you going to eat secretly?”

Huo Jinchen looked at her. What little mushroom is this, she’s clearly a little mushroom sprite.

Her eyes are obviously pure, but they’re too bewitching. 

He has tried hard to restrain himself, but the nagging urge to do something untoward to her was terribly going out of control.

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