LLW – Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Freshman is here  

After a night of convalescence, Feng Chuge’s body recovered. 

When mental strength is stable, the body’s ability to heal is more resilient. 

So is Meatball. 

After taking that pill, he was no longer as lethargic as last night.

Early in the morning, they all went to attend class.

Upon entering their classroom, everyone gathered around. 

“Xiao shimei, were you okay last night?”

“Xiao shimei, we are all to blame. If only we were strong enough, we would have defended you upfront.”

“Xiao shimei, how are you now?” 

As Feng Chuge met the concerned gazes of more than a dozen students around, she answered, “I’m fine, don’t I look alright now?”

“You look fine, you’re alright.” Su Ande and the others breathed easy. 

“You really scared us to death last night, but fortunately there is Di Jue Chen. By the way, Xiao Shimei, what is your relationship with Di Jue Chen…. What is going on between two ~” Some women who were attached to the scene last night, couldn’t help but gossip. 

Until now, the picture last night was still lingering in their minds–

Wrapped around the smoke, that heavenly man held Feng Chuge in his arms, it was picture perfect. 

Feng Chuge was caught unawares. 

However, she just shook her head and forced a smile: “What does it matter? I’m afraid Di Jue Chen was just passing by.”

“Really?” Someone asked suspiciously.

Feng Chuge asserted: “Why would I lie to you?”

Seeing Feng Chuge’s nonchalance, everyone stopped asking.

Feng Chuge headed towards her chair, and after a short while, Yun Qianche stepped into the classroom.

Today, Yun Qianche is still garbed in white, which appears to be his preference. 

When came in, he looked at Feng Chuge first. 

He was relieved to see her sitting there unharmed. 

He didn’t start the lecture immediately, but instead approached Feng Chuge.

“I heard about last night. I’m glad you’re okay.”

His deep voice echoed pleasantly. 

Feng Chuge looked up at Yun Qianche. “Thanks for Yun shixiong’s concern.”

Yun Qianche was jolted by her alienated response. 

“Little girl, what are you doing so strangely?”

A tick appeared on Feng Chuge’s lips, “Shixiong is our teacher, of course I have to show respect.” 

Feng Chuge looked down, concealing the disturbance behind her lashes. 

It isn’t that she is deliberately distancing herself from Yun Qianche, but it’s a subconscious reaction.

What’s more, Di Jing Lian likes Yun Qianche.

If she were to stay close to him, she would only make Di Jing Lian unhappy.

A complexity settled within Yun Qianche’s eyes as he looked at Feng Chuge. 

 He shook his head slightly and was about to say something, but commotion suddenly erupted in the classroom.

“Look, look, Elder Yang is here.”

“I’m afraid the newcomer is here.”

“Everyon, take a guess, would it be a younger brother or a younger sister …”

Everyone looked out and saw Elder Yang standing outside with a smile on his face.

“Elder Yang, you are here.” Yun Qianche stepped out of the classroom and greeted Elder Yang.

 “Yeah, I was accompanying the newcomer.”

 “Oh?” Yun Qianche raised an eyebrow and looked around without seeing other figures. “What about the guy?”

“He …” Elder Yang turned his head, only to find that someone was standing behind him, because he was too small, he was completely blocked by him.

Elder Yang gave way. “Here……”

The person behind was then completely exposed to everyone.

At the same moment, those who were still guessing whether they would be having a younger brother or younger sister were silenced …

Sensing the disquiet in the crowd, Feng Chuge raised her head and looked outside. When she saw who came, she was immediately gobsmacked —

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