SWDP – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The shadow in her heart

“Taking medicine will be slower, but physical cooling should be fine.” The female doctor is also reluctant to force Mu Huan.

Bao Junyan lowered his head. “No injection is fine, but you have to take medicine, you must swallow all.”

“I’ll eat … I’ll eat everything … I’ll eat everything, just don’t prick me … don’t prick me …” Mu Huan seemed to be back to when her stepmother gave her a spoiled meal. She said that since she’s fond of getting sick, she should genuinely be sick.

But as opposed to getting stabbed by needles, suffering from a stomach ache or diarrhea was much more tolerable. 

Bao Junyan fed Mu Huan a pill, and she ate it obediently.

Not long after eating, she fell asleep again, but from time to time she’d mutter, don’t prick me … don’t prick me …

Bao Junyan scowled listening to her. 

“The madam must be suffering from a trauma.” The female doctor commented.

Bao Junyan looked at her.

The female doctor took it as a cue to continue. “Although there are a lot of people who are afraid of injections, even people who are dizzy wouldn’t respond this way. And the lady didn’t say that she doesn’t want to have an injection but rather don’t prick her.”

Bao Junyan’s instantly turned frigid.

This kind of shadow means that she must have been repeatedly stabbed with needles. At the thought of someone who was so cruel to his gentle and obedient little wife, Bao Junyan had a bloodthirsty urge to chop that person to death.

At dawn, after Mu Huan’s fever subsided, everyone went to sleep peacefully, while Bao Junyan left the room to the study.

Right after, Assistant Wang received an order to investigate Mu Huan’s background at Mu’s home when she was a child.


By the time Mu Huan woke up, it was already sunset. She opened her eyes in a fog, still unaware of what has transpired the night before. 

“Wake up?” 

It wasn’t until a voice broke into the silence that she turned. 

The shaft of the setting sun surrounded the man, radiating a godly glow around him, turning his unparalleled beauty even more divine. 

Mu Huan couldn’t suppress a sigh of reverence, “I really  must have saved the entire galaxy in my past life.”

To have married him.

With his beauty, how was she to appreciate other men in the future?

“What saved the entire galaxy? Are you dreaming, or what?” Bao Junyan has never paid attention to the internet slang, so he doesn’t know what she meant by this.

He only thought that it is a sequelae of her high fever and she is still a little confused.

“How can you look so good?” Mu Huan suddenly reached out and caressed Bao Junyan’s face, her eyes lovestruck.

His white shirt was glowing under the lights, looking ethereal. 

 Bao Junyan, “…”

For the first time, he was fondled and was told that he looked good.

“Ugh…” Suddenly she sighed. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I’m hungry.” Mu Huan shifted her gaze at the setting sun out the window, withdrew her hand, and sat up.

Bao Junyan, “…”

Her style of painting changed too abruptly, right?

“When did the sun rise?” Mu Huan considered the red sun outside the window, and suddenly realized the anomaly, “It’s sunset!”

“Fortunately, you didn’t burn silly.” aJunyan reached out and rubbed her head.

Mu Huan, “…”


“I had a fever?”

“Well, you burned to nearly forty degrees. Adults rarely burn so high, especially from a cold wind. Your physical fitness is too poor. In the future, exercise, I hired a professional coach and nutritionist. You have to listen to them obediently, combining diet and exercise to improve your health.”

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  1. I want to let BJY. There’s a good husband. And when he finds out how she was mistreated and abused… 😈

    Thanks for the update!


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