SWPF – Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Come, come quickly

After he left, Hou Jinchen’s attention returned to Lu Xingzhi and could clearly see the word ‘Unhappy’ printed across her face.

What a kid.

“You can only drink half a glass.” Huo Jinchen picked up the bottle and poured half a glass of wine for Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi’s mood can be completely seen from the twinkling visible in her bent eyes. 

Holding the glass, she first took a sip.

Then drank all in one breath.

A little bit of wine, Huo Jinchen is naturally agreeable. If she likes it, he’d better buy her some back. 

It’s a bit worrying that she’d get really drunk.

Seeing Lu Xingzhi’s eyes staring at himself again, Huo Jinchen coughed unnaturally, and looked elsewhere.

He couldn’t bear the innocent look in her eyes, and a sense of guilt was born out of nowhere.

“Don’t drink anymore.”

Knowing that she couldn’t drink another glass, Lu Xingzhi puffed her cheeks like a hamster.

“Angry?” Huo Jinchen raised his eyebrows, but his eyes softened when he looked back at Lu Xingzhi.

“No.” The quick answer obviously told him otherwise.

Huo Jinchen clipped a dish and served her with his chopsticks. “You can’t drink today. I can take some back for you. You can drink it slowly at home.”


Although Lu Xingzhi only uttered this word, Huo Jinchen could sense that her mood had improved.

His deep eyes were dyed with some helplessness but also with a bit of pampering. If it hadn’t been for the lobster he had just peeled, he would want to squeeze her cheeks.

Huo Jinchen didn’t eat much and basically took care of Lu Xingzhi for the whole meal.

After she finished eating, the two rested for a while.

When they were about to go back, Lu Xingzhi felt her world go upside down and grabbed Huo Jinchen’s hand. “Uncle, am I drunk? I’m dizzy.”

Huo Jinchen knelt down. “Come up, I’ll carry you.”

“I can walk.” She just felt dizzy and didn’t hurt her feet.

“Hop on, quickly. Or do you want me to carry you princess style?” 

Huo Jinchen said vaguely in her ear and squatted down again.

Lu Xingzhi obediently lay on his back. The princess hug was too ambiguous and extremely embarrassing.

Halfway through, the big boss Qin Shi Huai, appeared again.

“Hmm … what am I seeing? No, my eyes hurt.” Qin Shi Huai covered his eyes. This passionate Huo Jinchen struck without warning!

“Would you like me to introduce a doctor to see you,” Huo Jinchen countered.

Qin Shi Huai: “…”

“Give me a few bottles of that plum wine and put them in the car.” Huo Jinchen left carrying Lu Xingzhi after speaking.

When he got to the car, he wanted to put down Lu Xingzhi, only to find that she was asleep.

He lowered her cautiously, fastened her seat belt, and adjusted her seat to a most comfortable angle.

When the people from Qin Shi Huai delivered the wine, he started the car.

By the time they arrived back to the villa, it was already 10 p.m.

Lu Xing opened bleary eyes and stared at Huo Jinchen blankly, seemingly unable to understand the situation at hand.

“Are you awake?” Huo Jinchen’s voice was soft.

He had just carried her out of the car when she awakened. 

Lu Xingzhi reached out and clasped Huo Jinchen’s face. “Who are you? How can you look so good? Are you a fairy?”

Huo Jinchen laughed heartily, she’s really drunk.

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