LLW – Chapter 177

Chapter 177: The young lady of Tiandifu

Inside the room, Feng Chuge squinted towards the direction in which the figure disappeared.

This guy, he really gives a familiar impression and also that hint of deviltry….

“Apprentice, it’s alright.” At the sight of Di Jue Chen going away, Elder Yang, who has been waiting outside, finally walked in.

“Master, that person …” Feng Chuge groaned slightly, trying to clear her mind. 

“Him, aren’t you close?” Elder Yang asked back.

“How could I be familiar with him?” With that stolen kiss still vivid in her mind, Feng Chuge gritted her teeth, and cast a cold glance in the direction where he disappeared. 

When she gets better and recovers her strength, she’ll settle this account!!

Elder Yang scrutinized Feng Chuge and merely pressed his lips into a thin line.

“Come on, how could he come to save you personally if you are unfamiliar? But oh, your luck is really good to have the young master of Tiandifu fancy you. The future young lady of Tiandifu might even be you….”

Feng Chuge rolled her eyes, “I told you we’re not that familiar. He must have saved me either along the way or ease his boredom.”

Feng Chuge looked around again, “Where are we? Where is the Meatball?”

“Your cat is a bit weak, so I sent it to your yard.”

Feng Chuge was unsettled by the news of Meatball’s condition.

She remembers that when Elder Qian was about to hit her, it was Meatball who delayed the time.

Otherwise, she’d have died before Di Jue Chen saved her.

When she returned to their yard, Meatball was lying on a chair, with his blue watery eyes. 

As Elder Yang has said, Meatball was injured. 

When he confronted Elder Qian, he was struck by Elder Qian’s spiritual power.

He lay sobbing on the chair. 

Her three maids, who surrounded him on three sides, tried to soothe him in distress.

But the moment any of them steps forward, Meatball would scream frantically.

Under such circumstances, no one dared to step forward until Feng Chuge returned —

“Miss is back!”

Seeing Feng Chuge at the door, everyone rushed forward and checked her over anxiously. 

“Miss, how are you doing now? I heard that Miss was injured? What the hell is going on?”

“I’m fine.” Feng Chuge replied with a wan smile. 

Di Jue Chen has sustained her spiritual power and Elder Yang has given her medicine. 

She is now completely out of danger, she just have to recuperate in the coming days. 

Her eyes fell on Meatball. 

The fluffy Meatball now seemed to have lost some of his luster and his original blue eyes looked dull at the moment. 

Feng Chuge’s heart softened instantly. 

She stepped towards him and hugged him tightly. 

“What a really a stupid cat, A Chen’s right –“

Meatball clung tightly in Feng Chuge’s arms, stick out his tongue and licked Feng Chuge’s hands. 

“Miss, Meatball … is he all right?”

 “Meow …” Meatball screamed as if he understood the question, then shook his head.

A smile rose from Feng Chuge’s lips.

She took out another pill from the heart of ice and fed it to Meatball.

In the end, she is also an intermediate pharmacist. Although not as powerful as Elder Yang, this medicine is still effective.

Meatball ingested the pill and then slept comfortably on Feng Chuge’s arms….

Feng Chuge hugged him and leaned on one side of the chair. 

Her eyes narrowed as the scene of that man stealing kisses flashed before her eyes…..

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