TOCH – Chapter 382

Chapter 382: My only condition is you stay with me

She pushed the contract towards him, but he blocked it, “What’s the hurry?”

He always speaks leisurely as if he wasn’t in the middle of a business negotiation but rather on a date.

Fang Chixia frowned.

This task seemed tricky.

Fang Chixia pondered on what to do next.

If he’s to keep dallying this way, would she have to sit here all day long and keep him company?

She took a sip from her glass with eyes hanging low, silently thinking After casting a sidelong glance at the contract between them, she slowly lifted her face to face Shang Rui’s insolent stare. 

“What does it take to have Shang shaoye sign the contract with me, if you have any demands, you can put them forward directly. Rong Xi is very sincere in meeting all from partners to the maximum extent. As long as it’s within our capabilities, we’ll fulfill them to your satisfaction. Even if I can’t act on it today, I’ll ask my boss for further instructions.” She refused to play along with him and asked straight away.

Shang Rui appeared taken aback by her frankness, after a long pause, he clapped his hands: “”Okay, good, I like you being sincere!”

Fang Chixia took a sigh of relief. When she thought that things would get easier, before she could completely exhale, he added: “My only condition is for Miss Fang to accompany me for dinner tonight. What do you think?”

As if afraid of her refusal, he paused, then continued: “Since Rongxi is so sincere, it shouldn’t be troublesome to agree to such a small request, right?”

His demand sounded harmless, but he blocked any of Fang Chixia’s escape.

Fang Chixia didn’t bat a lid while looking back at him, but the expression on her face was obviously stiff.

In fact, in the business circle, it wasn’t a surprise to participate in client meals. 

However, Fang Chixia isn’t a callow youth who doesn’t know what dinner means. 

Going to dinner and having a drink with a client is very common, but in many cases isn’t that easy to get away from. 

Screwing up in the middle of drinking is also a no-brainer.

If Fang Chixia hasn’t been assigned this contract, she might have refused on the spot.

But the list the Luo Yibei handed her today is monumental. She has also heard of this piece of land he wants to take. It is positioned perfectly that no matter what project he would undertake in the future, the benefits he would reap would be endless. Many enterprises in C City are also competing for it. 

If she were to refuse and turn away now, would someone else grab what Rongxi wants?

Fang Chixia pondered and remained silent for a while, and finally nodded, “Okay, deal!”

She’d give it a try.

If by then things turn for the worse, she’ll just have to cope accordingly.

Fang Chixia has always been vigilant, but, then again, her social experience is too limited and many things are far more complex than she could have imagined.

When she entered the hotel room she has agreed with Shang Rui in the evening, he kept toasting her.

Fang Chixia was mentally prepared when she decided to drink with him. Tonight, on this occasion, it was impossible to wriggle out without drinking, so she had to drink a few glasses first.

She cleverly spilled almost half of her drinks whenever she took a glass and only sipped a small portion, but Shang Rui caught her and so filled her glasses a few more times.

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  1. I hope she didn’t get in trouble ….. coz this guy is look like up to something bad to her .
    Thanks for the update 🙂


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